Activision CEO Says “There Will Always Be Call Of Duty Games”

Call Of Duty is one of the most successful game franchises in the history of gaming. However, with time the series has lost its charm, and is starting to fade away. While many think that Call Of Duty franchise is done, Activision CEO says that there will always be Call of Duty games.

In an interview with Marketplace, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said that there has been Call Of Duty games on every console that has been released for past 14 years, and a genre like this one never runs out of ides.

We’ve had Call of Duty games played on virtually every console for the last 14 years. So the idea of having a game that centers around armed conflict through history…you never run out of ideas for Call of Duty games. There will always be Call of Duty games. And they’ll be played on a variety of devices.

When asked about the future of consoles and PC, as Call Of Duty and Warcraft are PC focused games and mobile gaming is getting more and more popular. He said that Activision will release its games on platforms where fans are.

He also added that he feels a certain level of insecurity from its competitors, and because of this insecurity Activision is on top of the game industry.

I look over my shoulder every day. There is a level of insecurity you have about being a leader in a business and without that insecurity, I think you get complacency.

Recently, Project Director for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, Jordan Hirsch, said that Quickscoping in the game is still possible, but it would be difficult to land a one shot kill.

Quickscoping is possible. I wouldn’t say it’s easy! Most of the sniper rifles are balanced to be a difficult one-shot kill. So you have to get a headshot in order to get that one-shot kill, (especially) quickscope. So it is a possibility.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is scheduled to launch on November 4, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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