Activision Parted Ways With Bungie Due to Lack of Microtransactions In Destiny 2

Activision and Bungie parted ways recently and while that is believed to be a good thing for Destiny, we still didn’t know exactly what happened? But that has changed now that Activision itself has released a clarification on the matter. Activision and Bungie parted ways because of Destiny not meeting expectations and the publisher couldn’t add “new revenue streams” to Destiny 2.

Activision wanted more control over the franchise but Bungie didn’t allow it beyond a certain point. This created an issue and a strained relationship between the developer and publisher of Destiny series. Activision presented three main reasons that ended up Bungie taking Destiny and walking away.

Why Bungie Parted Ways With Activision?

  • The lack of microtransactions, new engagement models, and revenue streams which the publisher wanted to add to Destiny 1, 2
  • Destiny was not meeting revenue expectations
  • Activision had its internal resources supplementing Bungie’s work, tying up one of their “scarcest resources” which is development time

Activision’s Chief Operative Officer Coddy Johnson stated during an investor’s conference call that parting ways with Bungie is a mutual decision. Both parties agreed that it is time to end the development relationship. Bungie has now full control of Destiny and can create Destiny 3 without any interference from Activision.

In a statement, Bungie confirmed that Destiny 3 will happen and currently the development team is grasping what it truly means to be independent. The studio will continue to support Destiny 2 and the franchise overall in the coming year.

Destiny 3 release date and announcement isn’t expected any time soon as Bungie is currently transitioning out of Activision.

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