Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown No HOTAS Support Fix, Black Screen, Crash On Startup, No In-game Audio, Fatal Error Fix

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown has launched for PC. While the PC version is well-optimized, as it uses Unreal Engine 4 as its game engine, but Ace Combat 7 PC is facing errors and issues like no HOTAS or joystick support, crashes, low FPS, Fatal error and more.

Here I have compiled a list of errors and issues that PC gamers are facing. Also, I have listed fixes and workarounds for these errors so that you can play the game.

Ace Combat 7 Black Screen, Low FPS and Fixes

Ace Combat 7 is the latest entry in the Ace Combat series. The PC version of the game is the one most capable of running the game at a solid 60 FPS. But, errors and issues are bound to pop up as there are so many PC configurations out there.

Ace Combat 7 is facing issues like Fatal Error, black screen, crash on startup, no HOTAS or joystick support and more. The following are the list of AC7 errors and issues along with their possible fixes and workarounds.

HOTAS Support, Joystick Support Fix

As I mentioned before, Ace Combat 7 PC doesn’t come with HOTAS or joystick support. The HOTAS support is currently bugged and developer Bandai Namco Entertainment is trying to fix it. But, you can actually play the game with HOTAS just follow the steps mentioned below.

Follow this link and on top, there will be a few options. Download for 64 bit and install the X360CE. While it isn’t perfect but, this will allow you to play the Ace Combat 7 using joystick or HOTAS.

Also, you will need to Xpadder to map the button for countermeasure. If you are having trouble with properly setting up the HOTAS then this link will help you with that.

Now, if you don’t want to use an emulator to play the game using HOTAS, there is a workaround for that too. Just follow the step below but, this might not work for everyone.

  • Unplug gamepad/ wireless receiver
  • Go to Steam -> Settings -> Controller
  • Enable Xbox Controller and Generic Gamepad configuration support
  • Configure your flight stick to act like an Xbox controller

Game Not Starting

Players are reporting that AC7 doesn’t launch they click on play. The fix for this is very simple just uninstall “v 2017” and reinstall it.

This will fix the game not starting error for you. If this doesn’t work then suggest you uninstall all of the “Microsoft Visual C++” from your PC and reinstall them. Alternatively, you can also repair “Microsoft Visual C++” and this will resolve the game not launching issue.

Crash on Startup, Game Not Launching Fix

With so many PC configurations crash on startup is bound to happen and Acen Combat 7: Skies Unknown is no exception. Here are a few fixes for Ace Combat 7 crash on startup.

Install the latest GPU drivers as an older GPU driver might be crashing the game. Also, disable any third-party monitoring software like MSI Afterburner or GeForce Experience in-game overlay.

Your anti-virus or Windows Defender might be the one causing the crash on startup. You can make an exception for Ace Combat 7 exe file in your anti-virus, Windows Defender, or Firewall. Or you can just disable them altogether. This will resolve the Ace Combat 7 crash on startup.

Black Screen On Startup Fix

Black Screen is a common issue for PC games. To fix the black screen for Ace Combat 7, just start the game and when the Black Screen appears, press “ALT + Enter”.

The game will go into Windowed mode. now go to video setting and change the game’s resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and you can play the game in fullscreen.

If this doesn’t work for you then you might be using an outdated GPU driver. Update your GPU drivers to the latest version and the issue should resolve.

Long Loading Times

Players are reporting long loading times for Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown. While this could be a result of the game’s optimization but here are a couple of things you can do to ensure relatively better loading times.

Make sure there isn’t any background process that is using too much of your CPU or HDD. Open “Task Manager” and see if there is a process using too much of your CPU or HDD.

If the process is not important then just end it and it will help with the game’s loading time.

Another reason for the long loading times could to that you are using an old HDD. There is no solution for that except for buying a new one. These should resolve the long loading times.

Crash, Freezing, Fatal Error Fix

Ace Combat 7 is facing crashes and for some Fatal Error pops up. This issue is most probably occurring due to overclocked GPU. If you have overclocked your GPU then turn down the clock speed back to its default ones.

If you have a factory overclocked GPU then turn down its clock speed using the MSI Afterburner. This will resolve the Ace Combat 7 Fatal Error issue.

The same goes if you are experiencing freezes while playing the game. But if this doesn’t fix the freezing issue then update your GPU driver.

No Audio For Radio Chatter Fix

PC players are reporting that they don’t get any audio for the in-game radio chatter. The issue might be the wrong audio channels selected for your audio device.

Right click on the sound icon in the bottom right and select “Sounds”. Select “Playback” and select your active audio device and click “Configure”.

Select the correct audio channels and click Test. This will set the right audio channels for your headphones or speakers and the audio problem will resolve. However, there is a chance that only stereo will fix this problem.

If this doesn’t fix the issue them again go to “Playback” and select the active audio device. select “Properties” and select the “Advanced” tab. From the drop-down list select “16 bit, 44100 Hz” and the issue should resolve.

If the issue persists then you need to do a little trial and error here and see which option works for you.

Stuttering, Low FPS, Performace Fix

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown PC is a well-optimized game. However, performance issues are bound to pop up like low FPS and stuttering. Here are a few things you can do to improve FPS and eliminate stuttering.

For those who own at least Nvidia GTX 10 series GPU, open Nvidia Control Panel. Select “Manage 3D Settings” and click on “Program settings”. Now select the game from the drop-down list and if it isn’t in the list then just add it.

Now go through the options and look for Vertical sync and set it to “Fast”. Start the game and turn off the Vertical sync from the menu. This will potentially give a significant FPS boost possibly a smooth 60 FPS experience. But, only if you have the CPU and GPU to handle it.

Also, make sure to install the latest GPU drivers as they bring game-specific optimizations. Furthermore, make sure there is no background process running using too much of your CPU or HDD.

That is all for our Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown fixes for issues like no HOTAS or joystick support, Fatal error, and more.

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