Ace Combat 7 Release Date Revealed In New Gamescom Trailer

The Ace Combat 7 release date has finally been revealed in a new Gamescom trailer that showed us a wide variety of the planes that we’ll be seeing and flying throughout the game. It also shows us a lot more about the new Arsenal Bird, a massive drone-launching plane.

Ace Combat 7 is the first main Ace Combat game to be released in a good while, ever since Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, was released back in 2007. Other Ace Combat games were games like Assault Horizon, which got positive reviews, and numerous online Ace Combat games with no story. It was previously announced to be coming out in 2017, then was moved to 2018, and now seems to be moving to 2019.

Ace Combat 7 takes place in the future of Strangereal, in a new war between the Kingdom of Erusea and the Osean Federation, which have gone to war over a space elevator allegedly built in Erusean territory. Players take on the role of a pilot named Trigger in a penal unit, while also having to contend with new drone fighters deployed from an advanced new aircraft known as Arsenal Bird.

We’ve seen a good bit of gameplay, so when the Ace Combat 7 release date rolls around the game will hopefully get the same sort of acclaim that the other Ace Combat games have gotten in the past, especially now that the series is returning to its original setting.

Along with the many different unmanned planes you’ll be fighting, there will also, as with any Ace Combat game, be a wide variety of other, more futuristic aircraft, including ones that shoot lasers. This, combined with the game’s utterly beautiful graphics, are sure to make this a game to remember.

The Ace Combat 7 release date shows that the game will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on January 18 of next year. You can look further up the article to see the game’s new Gamescom trailer for yourself.