Ace Combat 7 Platforms Branch Out, Now Available On Multiple Systems

Ace Combat, one of the premiere fighter jet simulators out there, has historically mainly been on the Playstation line for most of its games. However, in the last few entries the series has branched out, and the Ace Combat 7 platforms will be no exception when it releases sometime this year.

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The last two Ace Combat games, Fires of Liberation (which was an Xbox 360 exclusive as opposed to being on the Playstation) and Assault Horizon (which departed from the main Ace Combat setting of Strangereal and was on both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360) have both departed from the normal Ace Combat platform of the Playstation console in a variety of ways, and Ace Combat 7 will be no exception.

The game will be releasing on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation VR, and the PC, allowing it to not only go for the VR angle (which can be very good for both driving simulators and flying simulators, especially small planes like fighter jets) but also the PC angle (especially since Assault Horizon was ported to PC in 2013).

The variety of Ace Combat 7 platforms can likely allow a huge number of new players to get into the Ace Combat series, since Ace Combat is seen as one of the best flight simulators around, not to mention it’s actually in the game’s home setting, the parallel Earth of Strangereal. Ace Combat 7, which has the subtitle “Skies Unknown”, deals with the change in warfare between living human pilots and unmanned aerial vehicles as two nations of Strangereal go to war. It is a direct sequel to Ace Combat 6.

If you want to get the game on one of the four different Ace Combat 7 platforms, you’ll be able to buy it sometime this year as you take to the skies over Strangereal and fly real-world planes from all over the world into battle alongside your squadron.