How to Join a New School in Absolver

Booting up the game for the first time will take you to a screen where you create your Prospect. Here is where you pick which fighting style you are going to use in Absolver. You can learn different styles by joining various schools in the game and we will show you How to Join a New School in Absolver.

The following Absolver schools guide is going to discuss what schools are and how can you join. Here you will get all the details you need to understand how this aspect of the game works.

Keep in mind that as long as you are a part of a school you can access any unlocked rewards and when you leave the school you will lose all access to rewards.

Also based on the unlocks that you have got, you will gain student levels through combat trials.

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How to Join a New School in Absolver

Players are allowed to open schools once they hit level 30. if you join another player’s school you will be able to gain access to the same abilities as well as the deck. There is also an NPC school where you can get access by completing certain objectives.

Within a school’s combat system you can not change the deck at the start. However, you are allowed to do that if you manage to unlock the moves by defending against them as well as using these moves in combat.

You can join other player’s schools by heading to the menu and selecting Encounters. You can see a list of players but not all of them have opened a school.

You need to look for players who have a Triangle with your their names. These players have opened schools which you can join.

You can also switch between them once you have unlocked a new playstyle. Go to the main menu and select Meditation then go to Combat Style.

Create Your Own School
You can also create your own school and in order to do that you need to be at level 50 atleast, in combat trails. After you are at level 50 go to Oratian Quarter and find the Statue Man. A dialogue will be opened and then you will be able to create your own school.

Here you will be able to pick your own fighting style, a weapon, two powers and a three combat deck.

You will be able to expand your school by inviting other players when you come in contact with them as you explore the world. Also keep in mind that till now, it is not possible to edit a school you have created.

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