Absolver Risryn Boss Guide

In this Absolver Risryn Boss Guide, we will guide you how to defeat the final boss Risryn. She is the toughest of all bosses so we have curated this Risryn Boss Guide for you so you can get to know some tips and tricks for how to defeat the final boss easily. We have also detailed how you can get to the Tower of Adal where Risryn is located.

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Absolver Risryn Boss Guide

Risryn is located in the Tower of Adal. To get access to this place, you will first need to defeat both Kuretz and Calgar and Kilnor bosses. You can also find and kill all of the marked ones to unlock bonus abilities, which are really helpful. The last marked one is located in the Tower of Adal.

To get to the Tower of Adal, reach the Guidance Bridge and go inside. Head up the stairs inside the bridge. Keep on following the path until you reach the Tower. Continue moving until you reach the Altar. Here you can first take down the last of the Marked Ones.

The last Marked One is Dormek and to get to him, you need to head through the bottom door in the Altar. Find the pair of stairs and go down.

Drop down and Dormek will be waiting for you. Take him out and Silence bonus ability will be yours. After getting all bonus abilities, head to take down the final boss of the game.

To get to her, head to the Altar. From there, head to the gate on the far side of the Tower. Open the door and go through it.

You will end up in Essence Reserves. Make your way up until you reach some stairs. There you will be teleported to the Imperial Quarters. Once there, find Risryn’s boss arena and get ready to fight her.

Defeating Risryn
Watch the initial cut scene and get ready to fight her. She is a very fast and agile boss. She also boasts high stamina, which means she can block your combos for much longer than other bosses can.

One trick that is the most useful is to use feints; attack and then block before the attack animation plays, she will immediately guard, sidestep or pause.

This gives you an opportunity to land a killer combo on her. Use this trick to deal a decent amount of damage to Risryn.

During the fight, she will often take her sword out and when she does, you should keep some distance from her as you cannot block the attacks without taking damage. You can use this trick to easily defeat her. Use feint and follow it with 3-4 hit combo. Using feints might even make her drop the sword making the fight easier.

Continue this feint attack combination while keeping safe distance when necessary and you can beat her, no problem.

Once you have taken her down, you will be given the title of Absolver. It will also give you the ability to form your own school.

This concludes our Risryn Boss Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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