Absolver Kilnor and Cargal Boss Guide

In this Absolver Kilnor and Cargal Boss Guide, we shall guide you on how to defeat one of the most challenging bosses in Absolver. We have curated this Boss Guide for you so that when you come across this boss, you know exactly what you have to do!

This boss is challenging because this is a duo that you need to defeat and they both switch in and out at random times to fight you. With the help of our Kilnor and Cargal Boss Guide, you will be at ease when confronted with this deadly duo.

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Absolver Kilnor and Cargal Boss Guide

Guide details everything that you need to know to defeat the deadly duo Boss Kilnor and Cargal in Absolver.

Defeating Cargal and Kilnor
The secret to defeating Cargal and Kilnor is patience. If you try to rush the fight, you will end up dying. What you need to do is even when you sometimes think you can get some more kills do not get greedy. Take your time with getting hits with both of them.

And the next thing you have to keep track of is the area layout around you. There are two sets of stairs which doesn’t lead anywhere and you can use them to gain your stamina. Like if you become overly engaged in the fight, you can take a rest to regain your stamina and focus by using the stairs as the temporary hideout.

Both of them will attack individually. They never attack you at the same time. Occasionally they will swap places and your focus must be on the one attacking you.

Do not go for the idle one; always attack the one attacking you. You can block their attacks so use block often. Keep dodging and blocking their combos and hit them with combos to gradually lower their health.

You must try to keep a balance between both. Make sure you are dealing equal damage to both and are not just spamming on one of the duos. When they attack, back away and try to dodge the attacks as much as you can.

Once you have depleted the health to around 80%, both of them will draw out swords and attack you with them. This is the tricky point. You cannot block the attacks now as they will still damage you.

At this point, you must be very careful and dodge the attacks at all costs because the battle is almost over now. Keep dodging and as you get a window, attack the boss. When their health is almost zero, you will get an opportunity to unlock and achievement.

When they are almost dead, keep your distance from them and one will eventually hit the other one accidentally. At this point, you will unlock the achievement “You Were like a Brother to Me”.

Be patient and you will easily defeat Kilnor and Cargal. You might die a few times but every time you die, you will learn something new to avoid in the next try.

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