Absolver Combat Tips

Games like Absolver can be tricky to pick up and almost impossible to master. However, this Absolver Combat Tips Guide will let you know all that is required to get you started! These tips and tricks cover movement and the combat of the game comprehensively and alert you to the tiny intricacies that are present in this expansive RPG.

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Absolver Combat Tips

In this Absolver Guide, we have exclusively dove into the game’s movement and combat mechanics to help you master these concepts and secure more wins.

Movement Tips

Avoid Button Smashing
Always remember that this is not Call of Duty but a very detailed RPG that requires you to search for opportunities and to seize them when they appear.

Avoid trying to overwhelm your opponent by constantly button mashing or you will fail as the opponent will be able to counter you. Fight conservatively and use your reactions to beat your enemy instead.

Manage Stamina
The white bar at the bottom of the screen is very important in this game. Remember not to leave it empty and to use it well if you want perfect attacks.

When your bar reaches zero, you are left defenseless and thus prone to defeat. Remember that using Circle and blocking consumes your stamina so using the right stick for evasive maneuvers is a good strategy to conserve stamina.

Press L2 right after you attack to feint as it will bait your opponent by doing a shadow move. You need to be extremely quick and agile to utilize your opponent being defenseless after you feint so plan your combo and wait for the right opportunity. Once again, remember not to button mash and to stay calm under the pressure.


Build Combos
You have the ability to create combos using Absolver’s Combat Deck. Look around the deck and use the stance information of each combo to create seamlessly flowing cycles of attack. Mix them up with each other to be able to destroy your enemy.

Fight to Learn New Skills
The black circles with white shadows that appear during combat are a good thing. When the circles fill up you learn a new skill or a new stance. So keep on fighting to learn new skills.

Remember that the bar only fills up when you defend against these attacks using blocking, dodging or your special ability.

Changing Your Stance
When you get hit by an attack, it will change your fighting stance automatically. This is but perhaps another difficulty in the Absolver.

So you have to get used to fighting in all four stances and also you should practice changing your stance on the fly quickly to let you manage the fight

Change your Equipment
The starting gear is sub-par in Absolver so remember to keep on changing your equipment as you progress through the game.

All of the pieces have stats assigned to them so compare certain pieces of equipment with one another to find out which one suits you best and use it to your advantage.

Remember to use the XP you have earned to upgrade various things within the game. Let us know any other important tips in the comment section below!

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