Absolver Beginners Tips Guide

In this Absolver Beginners Tips Guide, we will help you understand the basic mechanics of the game Absolver. Absolver is multiplayer combat game and your mission is to become the best and be selected as the Absolver.

Our Absolver Guide contains detailed information about different combat styles, weapons, armor and learning new moves in combat. With the help of this, you will be owning the competition in not time.

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Absolver Beginners Tips

Our Absolver guide details everything you need to know about playing the game

Absolver Tips and Strategies

Combat Deck

Your combat deck is the set of moves and attacks that you can learn and store. You can use these moves and attacks during combat.

For your character, you can have 12 moves and 4 alternate attacks. You can use these moves and attacks in many combos. It is up to you how well you synchronize the attacks together to form killer combos.

The moves are further divided into three classes. Attacks based on their nature are heavy, medium or light. Heavy attacks are very slow but once landed, they deal a great amount of damage. Medium attacks are in between.

They are balanced attacks and are good for longer combats as they have a balance of speed and power. Light attacks are very fast attacks but they do very little damage. They are good for chaining together attacks for making big combos.

If you want to learn new moves, the process is very simple. All you need to do is go and fight people. During the combat, when your opponent lands a move or attack on you, if you block, parry or absorb the attack, you will start learning that move. Block, absorb or parry it enough times and you will learn the new move.

Tension Shards

Each ability that you use in the game requires Tension Shards. Tension shards are crystals that will allow your character to use weapons or abilities. During a battle, they charge automatically. Each ability that you use or weapon will drain the tension shards so keep an eye out and use them wisely.


Absolver gives you seven abilities that you can use in the battle to your advantage. They are as follows

Shockwave costs 3 shards and it is a blast around you that pushes enemies away and restores some stamina so you can get back in action quickly. Shockwave is good for catching a break during combat.

Gravity cists 2 shards but it has many uses. It stuns enemies and gives you a window to land a heavy attack. It also makes their stamina to regenerate very slowly.

Heal costs 2 shards and it slowly regenerates your health back to full. Keep hitting enemies to increase your health. If the enemy lands a hit on you, heal will stop working.

Shield costs 3 shards and it gives an extra layer of defense against attacks. It reduces knockback and damage taken.

Earthquake costs 2 shards and it is a AOE stun. Anyone caught in the radius will be affected and the caster will be granted a absorb property.

Silence costs 3 shards and it revokes the ability of using tension shards for some time from your opponent.

Exhaust costs 3 shards and when used, they will cause enemies to use more stamina for each move they make.

Absolver Armor

Armor in Absolver will dictate how mobile you are in combat. Every piece of armor that you wear will have a certain weight. It could be light, medium or heavy. Light armor is good for speed and mobility and they will give you light protection against attacks. Medium armor is good overall and it gives you a stamina boost. Heavy armor is good for taking damage. They will increase your attack but decrease the movement greatly.

Try out different sets of armor and experience the unique play style that each armor set gives. Choose the one that is most suitable for you.


Weapons use tension shards as energy. When you are out of tension shards, you cannot summon weapons. They also have a limited durability and they will break after extensive use. Though you can use it again when it is recharged back to good shape. Every weapon has its own unique set of combat deck.

Currently in the game, there are only two weapons that you can use to fight your enemies. One is swords while the other is Wargloves aka Battle Mittens. Swords have an added bonus of cut damage. The enemy may block your main attack but they will still suffer the cut damage. When you equip swords, you can use the moveset unique to them.

Wargloves deal decent amount of damage to the enemies but they are not as powerful as the sword. Apart from dealing blunt or cut damage, they also provide protection against cut damage. Wargloves come with their exclusive combat deck but they lack a moveset.

Attack Styles

Absolver revolves around attack styles and you must learn your preferred playstyle as soon as possible. You can choose from four playstyles. Kahlt, Windfall, Forsaken and Stagger.

The first playstyle is Kahlt and its defensive ability is Absorb. With this playstyle you can absorb all the hit and they will not stagger you. Absorbing damage does not mean that you will not be damaged though, you will take damage but with absorb, and you will not be staggered which gives you room to block the next attack.

It is omnidirectional and can be used in all directions. It will keep on restoring your stamina and health as you hit enemies over the period. The only weakness of Kahlt is that it cannot absorb Guard Break.

The next playstyle is forsaken and is based around blocking attacks and dealing back that damage. Forsaken’s defensive ability is parry and it guarantees a punish. You can easily block incoming attacks using parry but they are only limited to left and right as Forsaken is bi-directional.

When you use parry, the enemy will be stunned and you can use this to your advantage and land a killer combo. Forsaken’s weakness is feints.

Just like the name suggests, Windfall is all about mobility. Its defensive ability is avoid and it is quadirectional meaning you can use it in four directions. You can slow incoming attacks, avoid them in multiple directions and get frame advantage. The only downside here is that it is too fast for you to control easily and you might need some time getting used to the fast speed.

Stagger is the most complex of all play styles. It is relatively difficult to master. Its defensive ability is Stumble and it allows you to turn the pressure around. It is also quadirectional so you can use stumble in four directions. You will need to practice a lot to learn this as this is the most difficult of all the play styles.

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