Fans Believe Abandoned Teased Solidus, Blue Box Says No

It continues to become difficult for developer Blue Box Game Studios to convince everyone that Abandoned has nothing to do with director Hideo Kojima.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Blue Box Game Studios announced “Realtime Experience” for Abandoned which will be a “different and unique” way to deliver a gameplay narrative. The developer however chose to make the announcement with a blurred image of a character wearing an eye patch.

It was unsurprising to see everyone jump out of their skin as the character in question was easily taken as a teaser for Solidus from the Metal Gear franchise. Hence, refueling the same band wagon that Abandoned is being secretly developed with the involvement of Kojima in some capacity.

Hasan Kahraman, studio founder and game director, had to publicly refute the rumors, again. He stated that such theories are only making it “hard” for Blue Box Game Studios to work on Abandoned and as such, the character with the eye patch has no connection with either Kojima or Konami.

Before the supposed arrival of Solidus, Abandoned was believed to be a new Silent Hills project. There were even theories that Blue Box Game Studios does not exist and it is just a front for Kojima to work on side-projects in secret.

The announced Realtime Experience application is said to be a next-generation feature made possible by the lightning-fast solid-state drive of PlayStation 5. The application will become available for pre-load worldwide on July 29 and in Japan on August 10 which will coincide with an official trailer.

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