Abandoned’s Future Becomes Questionable After Dev Deletes Older Tweets

Abandoned, termed as a cinematic survival simulation for PlayStation 5, has apparently been abandoned after a long series of cryptic teasers.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, modder Lance McDonald, known for his Bloodborne 60 frames-per-second patch, pointed out that developer Blue Box Game Studios has been deleting several of its older tweets.

The tweets in question were made months back to highlight the future plans of the game. They included a promise to release a playable demo that is still yet to arrive and another promise to patch Abandoned’s trailer app to reveal more footage that also never happened in the past three months.

Deleting all of those tweets cannot be a healthy sign for either the game or the developer. Blue Box Game Studios has not come forward with a clarification or an assurance for that matter at the time of writing.

Abandoned, as many people are now wondering, might have never existed in the first place. Whatever plans Blue Box Game Studios had for the game are now supposedly in turmoil as the developer tries to reduce the scope of the game.

Abandoned has been in development for more than five years in running. The game was announced last year as a first-person survival horror shooter that is driven by high-end motion captures and photorealistic environments.

However, that is as far as the game goes. Blue Box Game Studios has never offered a proper gameplay reveal to date. The only feat the indie developer was able to achieve was using vague teasers to suggest that Abandonned was a secret project of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

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