A Way Out Walkthrough Guide – How To Complete, Endings

A Way Out pits you and a friend against the harsh realities of the prison system. The five chapters have you escaping from a prison and trying to exact revenge on your enemies. That is easier said than done though, and there will be more than a couple of instances where you will need this A Way Out Walkthrough Guide.

This A will guide you through the first five chapters of A Way Out. Each of the chapters will be explained in great detail so that you know what you are doing and can easily get out of any situation that you get stuck in.

A Way Out Walkthrough

As you know, there are two different characters and you get the choice to play as either of them. Vincent is a new prisoner and if you select him, you must go through the problems that a new prisoner faces upon entering. If you select Leo, then you will already be at the prison and will be free to wander the yard. No matter who you select, you should make your way to your cell at the start and get ready for the night.

Now, let’s go ahead and start from the first chapter and see how is it that you would go about plotting your escape and then exacting revenge against those who have wronged you.

Chapter #1

Start off in the yard and mingle with the inmates. When Leo gets into trouble with other prisoners, Vincent has to butt in and thus, a brawl will begin. Here, you will face numerous quick time events which you need to keep on doing until the guards come in and break up the fight. Once that happens, you will move to the Canteen where Vincent will get some food and sit while Leo chats to other inmates. Here, another brawl will ensue and you need to fight until the guards come in.

When you wake up in the infirmary, Vincent will be asked for help with Leo’s escape and they agree to work together. You need to help them with acquiring the chisel. Vincent has to call the nurse so that Leo can slip into the hallway. If you find a guard blocking your path, wait for him to move. If the guard does come back, Vincent should simply knock on the glass for him to spill his coffee and provide Leo with cover.

Once Leo has thrown the chisel out the window, both Vincent and Leo are tasked with tarring the rooftop. Here, break a broom to get the guard’s attention so that the other one can go up the ladder and get the chisel from the window. The player still on the roof needs to sneak across the walkway and drop to the building. The locked door needs to be cracked by the player on the outside so that you can deliver the chisel to Fred.

Once you get your chisel back, detach the toilet and chisel off a little bit of the concrete. While one player does this, the other needs to watch out for the guard. Distract the guard if he comes too close or stop chiselling when you see the guard, your choice. After you have kicked in your panel, switch roles until both of you have removed your toilet panels. Wait until its dark so that the two of you can escape.

Once the two of you have escaped, steal some sheets from the laundry using the cart and take it to the vent. Socialize with some of the inmates and convince them to act as a distraction. Eventually, one of you needs to get into the cart and the other one needs to cover him in the sheets.

Push the cart out and wait for it to come to a stop before you jump out. The player still in the laundry needs to instigate a fight and distract the guard using it before the player on the inside opens the door and both of you are in the same room and ready to carry on with your escape.

When you are going through the underground sewer, turn the valves to stop the water from flowing. Ram through the locked gate when you see it and then go up a vertical shaft. Synchronize your button presses during your climb and stay at the same level. Once you get to the top, get the wrench from the inmate using the hammer. One of you needs to distract him while the other one gets the wrench from the table.

One of you should take the rench near a wall vent while the other one goes through the metal detector and get the wrench using the wall vent in the supply room. Keep on doing this until you get to the checkpoint.

Here, one player needs to go through the checkpoint and get the wrench through the bars while the other passes it along and goes through the checkpoint himself. When you run into the two guards, one player without the wrench should distract them while the other one hides the wrench behind the toilet in an empty cell.

Lastly, to finalize your escape, go up the same shaft from your cell to undo the nuts and push the hatch to climb up and find a cart in the side room. Push the cart to the yellow vent and climb into it. Now, sneak past the guards using the boxes to hide and ram the locked door, using thunder to disguise the noise.

When you are outside, go to the roof and take down the guards in your way. Go up the crate near the place where you threw the chisel and climb to the Warden’s office. Go through the infirmary and sneak past the guards to be outside once again. Avoid the spotlight and sneak along the walls to get to the tower and take out the guard there. Get a coat hanger and use it to zipline to freedom. Once you are out, open the roller door and run through the woods to end the chapter.

Chapter #2

Since you are running, you need to avoid the police lights. Stick to the tall grass when you are near the area that has a lot of cops in it. At the end of this section, you need to take down two guards at the same time to progress. Keep on moving forward until you are near the bridge. Here, take down two more guards and scale the wall to get to the bridge.

At the bridge, choose Leo’s way and knock out the officers to take their car. Start driving and avoid the guards as you get to a place where you need to crash the car. When this happens, run into the woods and jump over whatever comes in your way to get to the other edge of the ravine and be safe from the dogs.

Once you are at the other side of the ravine, you can take a short break. Walk through the forest until you get to the campsite. At the campsite, catch some fish using a knife stuck onto the wood. Use that knife to make two spears and then fish for some food. You can either both hunt the fish together or have one player guide the fish to the other player who is waiting with the spear. After catching the fish, search the area for some wood and then cook your food.

Once you are full, carry on until you get to a farm and release the horses. Place the ladder by the barn hatch and climb inside to open the barn door. Open the horses’ pens and use the cement mixer to scare the horses. When this happens, the couple will chase after them.

Once they are gone, go to the second floor and change your clothes. After that, go to the garage and fix the truck. To do that, you need to find a metal rod, tire and car wrench before going to the workbench and attaching it to the truck, you can use the pinch bar to lift the truck and have the second person remove the chock. Before you head out, remember to put some gas into the truck and charge the battery using the jumper leads.

Once you have done all of this, make you escape. One player needs to drive while the other one shoots at cops. When you need to go on foot, make your way to the river and get into the rowboat. You need to row the boat together and avoid the rocks to get to the end. Once you are both on land, the chapter will end and you can start with the third chapter of the game.

Chapter #3

At the start of the third chapter, Leo visits his son and wife. Ask the neighbours and the mechanic to find them. Continue past the mechanic to find Linda and help her by getting her the wrench if you are Vincent. As Leo, speak to Alex and use the hammer to fix the sign. After that, you will be near the construction site. Use Vincent’s method and bluff the construction worker. Once done, go to the elevator and go up a floor to talk to Ray.

Now, you have to chase Ray. No matter what you do, you eventually lose him. At this point, cross the ledge and open the container to move forward. When you get to the crane, lower the bar so the other player can ride it and sprint on top of it to get to the red coloured crane. This way, you will be able to continue your chase of Ray and will eventually chase him down by flanking him. Once caught, interrogate Ray however you see fit and you will get the information from him.

Once you have the information, you need money to get weapons. The best way to find the money is to use the handgun and barging into the gas station. Do this and locate the safe towards the back room before returning to the clerk to get the combination. Do this quickly and get the money before returning to your car and making a clean getaway. After that, meet up with the weapons dealer and select your preferred weapon. Having a rifle is good, so pick something like the M16.

Once you have the weapon, you will soon be ambushed by an assassin so you will need to run and hide in the back room of a theatre. When there, boost your partner up to the yellow vent and sneak out of there. Continue to sneak up to the assassin until you can drop down and take him out once and for all.

Once you have done that, you will be heading to the hospital to visit Carol. In the elevator, you can either talk your way out of the security guard situation or knock him out. Leo passes the time in the lobby while Vincent speaks with Carol. This will begin the final section of the chapter.

The police will be called upon you and you will need to escape the hospital. The perspective will switch between the two characters, and you will need to help one another in the escape. When Leo runs through the hallway, Vincent needs to block a door with a cabinet and wait for the cop to pass. After that, go down the elevator shaft.

Now, you will be Vincent who has to pass through an operating room by climbing up the boxes into the yellow vent. When this happens, Leo needs to defeat some guards before switching back to Vincent, who has to escape the cops by going through the window. Eventually, Leo will be captured and Vincent needs to rescue him. To do that, get in the car and go down the ramp. While Vincent does that, Leo needs to sprint to the car and get inside it to escape and end the chapter.

Chapter #4

At the start of chapter 4, go through the cutscene and then select Vincent’s way to parachute onto the island. This will take you to the skies as you dive in. Be prepared to help Leo as Vincent because his parachute will start to falter. Once you are on the ground, walk through the forest and take out the guards whichever way you prefer when you see them.

After that, continue onwards until you come to the area with the sniper. Hide behind the cover and use the crawl space in the building to go forward. Once you are at the ladder, only one player will be able to move up and he will have to take out the sniper before covering for his friend. Once the area is clear of enemies, go to the garage and continue through the rolling door. Fight the enemies that you see until you get to the mansion.

Find a weapon stash before going into the mansion to get yourself properly armed. Once you have done that, go inside the mansion and clear the hostiles. At the end, have Leo confront Harvey as Vincent takes the gun. In the end Harvey will hand over the diamond and take one of you as hostage. The hostage must get to the glass case and smash Harvey into it so that your partner can shoot him.

Once you have killed Harvey, you need to make your escape. Just make sure that you avoid the trucks of mercenaries and if one of you is knocked down, then he should join the other one on his bike and provide covering fire. Get to the runway and have the person on the back get onto the back of the plane after which the driver has to get onto the plane one way or the other. This will take you to the last chapter of the story.

Chapter #5

At the start, there will be a lot of cutscenes which will outline all that has happened and will answer any story related query that the player may have. At the end, you will find yourself in a car trying to escape the police.

Keep going straight until you jump in the water and have to break the windows to escape. You will be separated from one another and will have to meet with each other in a shipping yard. Here, fight until you get to shipping yard and face the final ending of the game, together.

That is all we have for our A Way Out Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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