A Total War Saga: Troy Hector Guide

Hector’s campaign in A TWS: Troy will have you uniting all warring tribes together to make sure Troy’s defenses stand strong against the approaching threat. For this A Total War Saga Troy Hector guide, we’ll be giving you a brief overview of what to expect from Hector’s campaign.

A Total War Saga: Troy Hector

The Assuwan League
The Assuwan League is what makes Hector strong on the battlefield. Hector’s primary mechanic drives him to unite all tribes under one banner.

To do so, you have to reach out to these tribes and create defensive and military alliances. Making alliances will allow the Assuwan League to grow stronger and more diverse.

Having allies will give Hector more people to call to his aid. With Hector, there’s no need to expand territories unless you have no choice.

To make the most out of playing Hector, it’s best to make use of all the bonuses that the Assuwan League will provide you with.

Tier Requirements and Bonuses
Ilios Active with less than 4 allied regions.
Friends of Ilios Active with more than 4 allied regions. Units receive a 10% morale boost while defending.
Pact of Strength Active with more than 10 allied regions. Your units will receive 8% campaign movement range, and their morale is increased by 15% while defending.
Growing League Active with 20 or more allied regions. 5% less recruitment costs for sword units, 12% campaign movement range and your morale is increased by 20% while defending.
Mighty Alliance Active with 40 or more allied regions. 10% less recruitment cost for sword units. 12% campaign movement range, and 20% increased morale while defending.
Assuwa This final bonus is activated when you have 60 or more allied regions working with you. Decrease recruitment costs of sword units by 15%. Gain a 20% bonus to campaign movement and increase your morale by 30% when defending. Your upkeep for all troops is decreased by 20%.


Priam’s Whims
Hector is heir to the throne for Troy, right alongside Paris. Your competition is with your brother to claim the throne, but to do so you must gain your father’s approval.

In order to do so, you’ll have to perform various tasks in order to win your father over.

To gain additional bonuses, you will have to beat your brother to the approval rating.

Reaching the Heir of Troy marker, you will receive your brother’s provinces in a confederate.

Hector is a force to be reckoned with. His units are well-armed and can be used to lead crushing frontal attacks.

The strength of your armies makes it easy to occupy territories. However, your primary objective is to gather as many allies as you can.

Expanding The Assuwan League will allow Hector and his troops to become absolutely unstoppable in the long run.

Hector is a master strategist, and his defense around the battlefield is formidable.

Homeric Victory for Hector
To achieve the Homeric victory, you must complete the following objectives besides winning the game,

  • Complete the 12 epic quests tied to Hector.
  • Destroy Mycenae, Sparta, Ithaca, and Phthia.

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