A Total War Saga: Troy Achilles Guide

Achilles was a formidable undefeated warrior. A strong man who took down any enemy he encountered on the battlefield. In this Total War Saga Troy Achilles guide, we’ll be giving you an overview of what Achilles is capable of during the fight for Troy.

A Total War Saga: Troy Achilles

Hot-blooded Achilles
Achilles’ mood changes and that is a major factor that determines his army’s performance. You will have to manage a total of four emotions for Achilles.

Achilles’ mood will change depending on what action he takes. You can modify the mood by making him go up against his competitors and taking them down.

Mood(s) Effect(s)
Proud Achilles is rational, and there are no effects.
Indignant General diplomacy is ignored, and Achilles will party with the general populace. Your faction receives 30% more resources. -10 influence. -50 evaluation score for all attempted deals.
Grieving Achilles is in grievance for his fellow soldiers and men. +20% favor of gods for all temples. All of Achilles’ troops will receive +200 experience every turn. Favor from all priestess rituals will go up by 20% for your faction. There is -7 happiness for your entire faction.
Outraged Achilles becomes bloodthirsty and all he wants is war. 40% melee attack bonus. 100% chance for heroes to loot treasure after a battle. 10% increase to casualty replenishment rate for armies in your faction. 25% increase to damage for Achilles’ army. 100% more income from raiding, looting, and sacking. Resource rate decreases by 30%. All provinces have a decreased 50% growth rate.

The Living Legend
Leaders from around the world will attempt to contest Achilles’ power. If there is a challenge against Achilles, you must respond and crush the opposition.

Hearing of Achilles’ retaliation, the challenger will either duel and submit or simply neither duel nor submit.

Should they not happen to apologize, you must battle them using your armies and prove your superiority.

Achilles aches for battle, and so it’s best you keep him in front for all the action. Placing him in battle will level up him quickly and make him all the more powerful.

Build Achilles’ army using heavy units at the front, and provide him with a mix of specialized units which will serve as his vanguards.

Achilles will ALWAYS be fighting, and for that reason, you want to make sure he has the best men at his disposal at all times.

Homeric Victory for Achilles
To achieve Homeric Victory with Achilles, you must complete the following objectives.

  • Complete all of 12 Achilles’ epic missions.
  • Destroy Hector of Troy, Paris of Troy, and Troy.
  • Reach Rank 27 with your abilities.

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