A Quiet Place Game Promises A “Terrifying” Experience

Fans of survival horror are in for a treat because there is A Quiet Place game now in development, based on the same blockbuster film franchise.

According to an announcement made earlier today, the A Quite Place game will feature “a new untold story of survival” set in the same “terrifying” universe. The suggestion being that players should not expect a game adaptation of the films and its events, and rather an original storyline with new characters.

“This first official video game set in the terrifying A Quiet Place universe will deliver an original story and gameplay that captures the compelling suspense, emotion and drama for which the series is famous,” said publisher Saber Interactive, who is incidentally helming Evil Dead: The Game, another game adaptation of a promise film franchise.

Montreal-based developer iLLOGIKA Games is the one developing the A Quiet Place game with veterans who have previously worked on the Rainbow Six and Far Cry franchises. No further details are known apart from the game being a single-player story-driven survival horror experience.

A Quite Place, the game, has been given a release window of 2022 which may possibly be after February since that is when Evil Dead: The Game releases. While no platforms have been confirmed, the A Quite Place game will presumably be cross-generation and land on both previous- and current-generation consoles alongside PC and perhaps the Nintendo Switch as well.

A Quiet Place has its narrative setting revolve around a post-apocalyptic world where blind animalistic aliens have taken over the planet. The creatures rely on their acute sense of hearing and home in to kill anyone and anything based on sound. It is why human survivors have no choice but to not make any noise at all.

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