A Plague Tale: Innocence Gift Locations ‘Big Sister Guide

A Plague Tale: Innocence has 55 collectibles and among the different types of collectibles are “Gifts”. There are 11 Gifts in A Plague Tale: Innocence in total and you need to find these along with the other collectibles to achieve “Platinum”. Our Gift Collectible Locations Guide will help you locate all 11 Gifts in A Plague Tale: Innocence and unlock ‘Big Sister’ Achievement/Trophy.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Gift Locations

We recommend collecting them as you come across them during gameplay, as this is the most effective way. This handy little Gifts Collectibles Locations Guide lists the locations of every Gift in the same order as in the codex. As for other collectibles, be sure to check out our guides for Herbarium, Alchemist Carts, and Curiosities.

1. Duck Whistle
This collectible is found in Chapter 1: The De Rune Legacy. You’ll find it next to the horse stables in the estate. Climb up the ladder to collect it.

2. Amulets and Talismans
When you reach the first set of buildings at the beginning of Chapter 2: The Strangers, you’ll find this collectible on a small dock just to the right of the first building.

3. Rosary
During Chapter 3: Retribution, head inside the church and you’ll spot this collectible to the right of the altar.

4. Diary of an Alchemist
During Chapter 4: The Apprentice, this collectible is by a wooden boat at the place by the lake shore where Hugo plays hide and seek.

5. Ballastella
In Chapter 5: The Raven’s Spoils, you need to go to the area where Lucas is operating the swinging blazer and you’ll find the Gift to the left. A swarm of rats surrounding will mark it.

6. Knucklebones
This collectible can be found during Chapter 6: Damaged Goods. Return to the area where Arthur distracted the guards earlier and you’ll spot it to the left of the tent that has bottles on the ground. The Gift is on top of a table.

7. Vinegar
When you see the Chateau during Chapter 7: The Path Before Us, head up the first flight of stairs and then turn left at the crossroads. Talk with Melie who will then pick the lock on the door and you can collect the Gift.

8. Alchemical Crucible
After the sequence with Lucas in the Lab in Chapter 8: Our Home, you’ve to follow him to behind the area where you first started. This was previously inaccessible but now is unlocked and has the collectible in the grass.

9. Chessboard
This Gift is a reward you’ll receive near the end of Chapter 9: In the Shadow of Ramparts. You get it after getting rid of two guards on the right side of the area.

10. Reading Stone
Wait for Rodric to stealth kill the second enemy in Chapter 10: The Way of Roses and then look for the collectible in the corner of the room.

11. Calamus
During Chapter 11: Alive, look for this collectible in the house that is opposite to the beam of light being controlled by Lucas. Odoris and Ignifer will get you inside.