A Plague Tale: Innocence Curiosities Locations ‘Curiosities Hunter Guide

The Plague Tale: Innocence has a total of 55 collectibles of that 26 are the Curiosities. Our Plague Tale: Innocence Curiosities Locations Guide will walk you through the locations of all 26 Curiosities. The collectibles in Plague Tale: Innocence are fluorescent when you approach them. This way you can easily spot them from a close distance. Having collected them, they’ll appear in the codex so you can keep track.

The Plague Tale: Innocence Curiosities Locations

Below are the locations of the Plague Tale: Innocence Curiosities arranged in order of the chapters they are found in. Finding all the Curiosities in the game will allow you to unlock Curiosities Hunter Trophy/Achievement.

Location: Chapter 1
Inside the quarters towards the kitchen area, in the back will be a ladder. Climb up to find it.

Location: Chapter 1
The first room upstairs towards the left. Head inside and find it on the bed.

Location: Chapter 2
Before crossing the bridge in the village, you’ll see a house to the left. Head to its backyard and find it on a wooden table.

Incense and Herbs
Location: Chapter 2
This is inside a chest on the bedside table in Clervie’s house where you change your clothes.

Location: Chapter 3
After you swing a chandelier by breaking the chain, you’ll find a crack in the wall to the right. Get into it!

Crusader Tabard
Location: Chapter 3
When you reunite with Hugo in the church, climb up the stairs he descended.

Hermetic Vessel V.I.T.R.I.O.L
Location: Chapter 4
On a table inside the room next to Laurentius’s.

Wheat Flail
Location: Chapter 5
Push the cart leftwards to get as close to the guard as possible. Dispose of him and approach the chest next to him.

Location: Chapter 5
This will be to the left of the rat-filled corpse you shot.

Pound Sterling
Location: Chapter 6
Inside the building, opposite to the camp canteen on a wooden table in the wooden structure.

Declaration of War
Location: Chapter 6
At the end of the camp, in a tent on the left. It’ll be sitting on a stool.

Location: Chapter 7
After the puzzle, there will be an opening to the right of the workbench. Climb the window to see the horseshoes hanging there.

Location: Chapter 7
In the northeast corner of the woods, there’s a guard by the table. Knock him out to collect from the table.

Location: Chapter 8
At the beginning of the chapter, while following Hugo, head right instead of going upstairs. Collect it from the broken stairs going up.

Bird Language Manual
Location: Chapter 8
While talking to Melie, this will be behind the barrel next to her.

Location: Chapter 9
In the room with the dead body that you shoot. It’s inside the chest.

Piece of Transis
Location: Chapter 9
Inside the cemetery, climb down behind the wall to find the collectible hanging on the tomb wall.

Study of Skinned Person
Location: Chapter 10
Inside the court area, following Rodric through all the wooden seats, turn right there.

Location: Chapter 10
In the underground library puzzle area, it’s in the northwest corner.

Harnios Helmet
Location: Chapter 12
In the room where the servant’s corpse is, you’ll find it in a chest.

Family Tree
Location: Chapter 12
Next to the vase, beside one of the statues in Beatrice’s Laboratory.

Rag Doll
Location: Chapter 13
Inside a house with a broken wooden door.

Knight Figurine
Location: Chapter 13
Before going to Hugo’s room, go into the room on the right to collect from the table.

Location: Chapter 16
After Hugo takes out the guards at the beginning of the chapter, enter the ally to the right of the guards to find a dead guard with the collectible near him.

Inquisitor’s Manual
Location: Chapter 16
Right before the guards upstairs, you will find it behind some barrels to the right of the stairs.

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