A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide – In the Shadow of Ramparts

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing all the story-related objectives in Chapter 9 titled In the Shadow of Ramparts. Do note that our Walkthrough Guide will not outline collectibles locations, lore, and dialogues. You can check out our other guides for more info. on those.

  1. Curiosities
  2. Gifts
  3. Alchemist Cart
  4. Hugo Herbarium

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 9 Walkthrough

You’ll have to travel upwards towards the hill where Melie will try to lockpick the door. After she’s lockpicked, Melie will leave and you’ll be on your own. Try to collect as many resources as you can, as you’ll need them a lot.

Find the University

As you enter the place, you’ll see stairs. Climbing them will lead you to another set of stairs. Following these stairs will help you exit the place and reach outside.

As you exit the place, you’ll discover the university at a distance from where you’re currently standing. Go toward the university, but be careful because the place has a limited cover and guards could easily spot you.

Reach the University

As you approach the university, you’ll find two guards who have the duty to keep out trespassers. You can use the cover available to advance to your destination. You’ll also see a guard holding a light in order to keep the rats away.

Try to eliminate him by using nearby objects. He wouldn’t be wearing a helmet and would be easy to engage and finish off. As you knock him down, rats will attack him and finish the rest of the work.

You should grab a stick and light it up so you don’t end up in a similar situation. Once done, you’ll have to climb the white fence.

At the next spot, you’ll encounter two guards you can eliminate on by knocking him out by a rock. You’ll have to reach the roof of the place.

Try to collect resources from nearby chests. You’ll also see a woman being interrogated by a guard – ignore and move ahead.

Make some noise and distract the guards ahead. As they approach the noise, break their lanterns to get them eliminated by rats.

After the guards are dead, reach the upper floor, take right, open the door, and enter the room here. A little later, you’ll find another door that you can use to exit the place.

Rats will attack you once again. Fire onto the hanging body in order to divert rats’ attention.

From here, you’ll have to climb a fence and then you’ll have to grab a stick which you’ll have to ignite. Use this torch to stay away from rats and kill guards using stones that you find in your surroundings.

You’ll need to find a cemetery. From here, go right and you’ll end up in a building. You’ve to use the stairs first. Use your torch to scare away rats and climb over the fence after which a cutscene will begin.

To approach the next fence, you’ll have to make some Odoris and release it in a way that you’re able to climb the fence. Moreover, you’ll have to follow the beam of lights. As you follow them, you’ll find a cart.

Now you’ve to use the cart to reach the ledge. Climb the ledge and keep moving ahead. You’ll, once again. have to cross a field full of dead bodies. After which you’ll reach an area that has a heavy enemy presence.

You can use stealth and cover to escape this area. As you reach the bridge, you’ll encounter two guards. Kill one and the other will come running to investigate. This is the time to kill the second guard.

Entering the University

You can easily eliminate two guards at the entrance of the university by opening the rat cage. Another guard can be killed by breaking his lantern. After entering university, you can kill guards without helmets by throwing rocks.

Use a mixture of Devorantis and Rocks to eliminate armored enemies. Allow the entrance’s guards to follow you and lure them in the rat trap. Once all guards are dead, you should be free to enter the area.

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