A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide – Our Home

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete Our Home and help boy brew the potion required in the game.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide will help you learn everything about completing all the story-related objectives in Chapter 8 titled Our Home. Do note that our Walkthrough Guide will not outline collectibles locations, lore, and dialogues. You can check out our other guides for more info. on those.

  1. Curiosities
  2. Gifts
  3. Hugo Herbarium
  4. Alchemist Cart

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 8: Our Home Walkthrough

Continuing your adventure, you’ll find yourself waking up in a room after a cutscene where you’re woken up by your brother during your nap at the start of Chapter 8.

You’re prompted to follow your Hugo, however, you should look around the room for some materials laying around.

You’ll find a Piece of Fabric on the chair to your left and two Alcohol on one of the bedrolls behind you as well as another Piece of Fabric besides the fireplace.

If you follow the room towards the back, you’ll further find a Tool, 2 Saltpeter, and 2 Cords. This should be all that you can get from the room. Once done, follow the boy.

As you leave the room, take the stairs up on the right where you’ll find an Iconography laying on one of the steps. Continue following down the stairs until you reach another room. There are more materials to scavenge in this room.

Entering the room, there are 2 Sulfur and 2 Alcohol to your right. Further ahead to your left, you’ll find a Leather and 2 Saltpeter. This is also where you’ll find the Red Jar required by the kid brewing potion.

Grab the Red Jar, take it to the kid, and place it on the table. Proceed to get another Red Jar for the boy that’s just behind him. You’ll also find some more Sulphur and Saltpeter at the end of the room.

After giving the jars to the kid, you’ll be prompted to follow Hugo. When you reach the stairs, instead of following him up, go down the stairs.

Head further down the stairs and you’ll find a grave. This will initiate some dialogues and you’ll achieve a Trophy “Tribute”. Other than that, there’s nothing else to find down here.

Follow Hugo upstairs and he’ll lead you back to the room where you started. Continue following him and as soon as you get out of the room via the back door, there will be an Alchemical Crucible to your left.

Continue up the stairs where you’ll find Melie. After you’re done with the dialog, look behind the barrel Melie is standing in front of, and you’ll find the “Bird Language Manual”. There’s also Leather on the ledge Melie is leaning on.

Follow Hugo to the dining room and then to the tree. After the long cutscene, you can interact with the lockets hanging on the tree to initiate a small dialogue. Also, interact with Hugo to receive “St. John’s Wort”.

Again, go to the dining hall where you’ll find Melie. Interacting with her will end Chapter 8. However, before you end the chapter, go down the stairs where the boy is.

Interact with him and he’ll have additional dialogue for you. After that, you can head back up and interact with Melie to end the chapter.

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