A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide – The Path Before Us

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete the Path before Us chapter in the game that has you saving Lucas and reaching the castle. Do note that our Walkthrough Guide will not outline collectibles locations, lore, and dialogues. You can check out our other guides for more info. on those.

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A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Amicia, Hugo, and Melie are hiding out after escaping the camp alive. The hideout is nearby on the way of the Chateau. Melie and Arthur know about it so simply walk with Melie until you reach a river and a watermill.

Cross the River

Melie will unlock a door, allowing you access to the watermill puzzle that you need to solve to get across the river. Solving it requires you to maneuver 4 different handles that will then allow Amicia, Hugo, and Melie to cross.

To facilitate things, we’re going to name the handles with letters. Handle A is closest to the entrance, B is the one to the right of the entrance, C is opposite to A, while D is to the right of C.

First, turn the handle A with Amicia to slow down the water current. Then Hugo should turn the handle B to stop the mill and allow Melie to cross. Then Melie can interact with handle D, allowing Amicia to let go of handle A.

Now, operate handle C to allow Hugo to cross and then let go of handle B once he’s safely across. When he gets across all the way, the puzzle is solved.

Reach Melie’s Hideout

Kick the beams opposite to the workbench to leave. Rendezvous with Melie and she’ll lead you uphill to reach a hatch entrance to their hideout. Go inside and you’ll see Melie and the orphans getting to know each other better.

Melie finds out that the orphans are rich and she expects payment for rescuing Amicia and Hugo. She changes her mind out of compassion though and invites Amicia and Hugo to get some rest.

Then the Inquisition is upon you again and you have to run.

Escape the Inquisition

Follow Melie through the tunnels. You’ll need to get past a guard but due to him wearing a helmet, conventional means aren’t the way to go.

Luckily, Melie has Devorantis that is hot enough to burn you and melt steel so take that from her, craft some, and aim at the guard’s helmet. He’ll then take off this helmet, leaving his skull vulnerable to any rocks you throw at it.

Once he’s dealt with, proceed into the next section that’s split into two heavily patrolled areas. The first is a small wood area and a second is a bigger one.

You’ll have to take down some guards if you hope to get across safely so like the last one… use simple rocks for guards with no helmet and Devorantis + Rocks for those wearing one. You can use stealth by hiding in the grass and get the drop on them.

For the second area, Melie will suggest that you should clear out some enemies before she and Hugo proceed. Let go of Hugo by pressing ‘Up’ but don’t stray too far from him.

The guards will then split in search of him. After you’ve eliminated the last few guards, approach the portcullis via the side entrance.

Lucas is taken prisoner so you should save him by using the Devorantis + rocks combo. After saving him, follow Melie.

Find and Enter the Aqueduct

You’ll encounter a group of rats that you can get past with Lucas’s Luminosa. This bomb is a by-product of Ignifer and the most expensive weapon to craft in the game.

Craft Luminosa in your inventory and use it against the rats. Once they all burn, you can safely to cross.

Continue on the pathway to the “ackyduck” and climb up the ledge. Use your rock to bring down the ladder so you can climb it and get to the secret entrance to the aqueduct.

Cross the Lake

First, you need to unchain the drawbridge with your rocks and cross over. Getting across the lake requires Melie and Lucas to operate the handle to bring the boat to your side of the lake.

Hop on board and when you’re safely across, pull the second handle and the boat will go back to bring the other two across.

Find the Castle

Get Melie to lockpick the door and you’ll enter a new area which is infested by rats. Enter the room and push the first brazier to trap the first swarm of rats into the pit.

After dealing with them, descend the ladder and approach the white paint on the opposite wall to boost Melie up. She’ll unlock a door that Lucas and Hugo can go through.

Climb up with her, go right, and use Ignifer to light the second brazier. After this, head back and bring down the drawbridge with her help.

Melie will take care of the door herself as you walk back to the other side and then Hugo and Lucas will cross over.

Finally, push the second brazier and you’ll trap the other group of rats in the pit as well. Climb down and proceed forward until you reach the large wooden door. Open it and it’ll reveal the castle in the distance.

Reach the Castle

Head up the first set of stairs until you reach the crossroad. You’ll have to be mindful of the lightning bolts so time your movement correctly. Move AFTER lightning strikes and even then, you may need to use Ignifer to make it across.

Help Hugo climb the ledge and then crouch to walk beneath the beams until you reach the castle. Be sure to keep your companions close or else they’ll get killed.

Head up to the living quarters and clear the area of rats. First, light the brazier on the right side of the pit and then have Melie unlock the door behind you so you can head outside from upstairs.

Hugo and Lucas will then leave Melie and Amicia to solve the puzzle and you’ll have a safe way to reach the living quarters.

Reach the Living Quarters

Operate the previously lit brazier and head down the ladder. Grab a stick and light it on fire then proceed to light the next brazier as well. There will be a ladder next to the brazier you’ve just lit so climb up that.

Repel the rats into the pit by using the contraption and then release when there’s no more of them in Melie’s way. She’ll then join you.

Continue to the Living Quarters

With Melie’s help, drop down the drawbridge and you’ll find a new contraption. Use Ignifer to light the brazier and then head down to tell Melie to operate the contraption for you since the rats are on the wrong side.

Move with the brazier and stop to light up when it stops. If you look left, you’ll find another brazier that you should light. Approach it and climb up the wall.

Repel All the Rats into the Pit

Use the brazier to push the rats into the inner area, leaving the outer one cleared. Once done, tell Melie to release the contraption and the rats will be repelled into the pit. Use the last brazier you lit to bring it back to its original position.

Go down and meet Melie at a new climbing point. Go up the wooden ledge and lower the drawbridge together. Melie will operate the contraption once you go back down and reach the nearest brazier.

Reach the unlit brazier in the outer area of the yard and light it. Grab a stick, light it, and use it to get through the rats and to another ladder.

Climb up and draw more rats closer to the pit by pushing down the brazier. Go back down and climb from the place where you saw paint on the wall. Push the brazier to repel even more rats closer to the pit.

Melie will then release it and send all the rats into the pit and you can finally get a good night’s sleep.

This is all we’ve in our A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!