A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide – The Ravens’ Spoils

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing all the story-related objectives in Chapter 5 titled The Ravens’ Spoils. Do note that our Walkthrough Guide will not outline collectibles locations, lore, and dialogues. You can check out our other guides for more info. on those.

  1. Curiosities
  2. Gifts
  3. Alchemist Cart
  4. Hugo Herbarium

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Hugo will accompany you in reaching the aqueduct. Travel down the riverbank, go left as the trail ends, and find a collectible. From here, you’ll need to follow the trail which is inland after which you’ll see a fallen tree.

There are multiple tracks ahead but all lead to the same exit; therefore, you can follow any path you like. As you reach your exit, Hugo will start running and will end up at a field covered with dead bodies.

Crossing Corpse Field

You’ll have to cross this field having corpses all around, the crossing wouldn’t be easy as you’ll have to step over the bodies. As you cross the field, mice will ambush you from multiple sides.

You’ll find Alcohol and Sulphur nearby that you can use to ignite the haystacks and force the mice to run. Hugo will notice some people who will be looting the dead bodies.

At this place, you’ll find chests and a lot of resources that you can use to light up lanterns. You’ll find a stick near where Hugo is standing that you can use to light up lanterns on your way.

Instead of using the bridge, drop down the riverbed, trek up the mini hill, and go to the nearby lantern for cover.

As you move ahead, you encounter a tower with a locked gate. You’ll have to break the chain. Inside would be guard whom you can eliminate easily, as he is not equipped with any equipment.

Burn the brazier to force the mice to leave and exit the tower with the stick inside. Find a rolling cart on which would be a brazier. Burn it and distract a guard nearby to escape.

Take the cart back from where you took it but it’ll get stuck and you won’t be able to use it further.

As you move ahead, you’ll find a white chalked wall that you’ll have to climb. While on your way, mice will attack. Shoot down the two hanging bodies nearby to distract the mice.

Go back to the tower and enter the hallway. No need to engage anyone – just exit through the hole in the wall. You’ll find a pile of sticks here.

Retrieve a stick and go back to where you eliminated a guard. You can light your stick from the burning lantern that will give you defensive capability against the mice.

Moreover, Hugo will once again experience headache while Amici will appear and assist him. This place is a good camping space as it has a lot of lanterns giving you cover.

Although there are guards in the next area, you could use the cover to safely escape without attracting any attention. You can use different objects to distract guards and make your way through the enemy strongholds.

You can also help those people you saw earlier looting the bodies by distracting the guards that are interrogating them by throwing objects. It’s better to distract them, otherwise, they’ll turn you in by telling the guards about your presence.

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