A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide – The Apprentice

Complete A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 4 walkthrough so that you don't miss anything.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete all the story-related objectives in the chapter titled The Apprentice. In this mission, you’ll not only find Laurentius but will also visit Laurentius’ Laboratory/Farm. Do note that our Walkthrough Guide will not outline collectibles locations, lore, and dialogues. You can check out our other guides for more info. on those.

  1. Curiosities
  2. Gifts
  3. Hugo Herbarium
  4. Alchemist Cart

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Amicia will witness a windmill while she’s traveling forward down the path. She believes this windmill belongs to Laurentius. Later, continue your journey alongside the river.

You’ll see a pier having Alcohol and Fabric. Hugo, on the other hand, is amazed by the scenery around him.

At some distance, you’ll see a campfire. Travel back to the road having a fence along with it and find an old worn out cart around trees. Around the cart, you’ll find some small stones as well as Leather.

Follow the previous road until it curves along it to find a knight corpse. However, be careful, as adversaries would be near. Here, you’ll find multiple adversaries. Therefore, take cover and wait while the guards are having a conversation.

Make noise using the objects around to distract them and get a safe exit from the situation. From here, follow the curved road until you see an intersection. Here, you’ll come across some guards deployed on the nearby bridge.


Instead of engaging, just be stealthy and move on. After traveling for a few moments, you’ll witness a damaged shack, having a well-equipped guard inside. Again, like last time, throw an object distract and move on.

As you move ahead, you’ll see a big factory with a bench nearby that you can use to upgrade your equipment. After upgrading, continue the path along the river and you’ll find some dry area on the river that you can use to cross over to the other side.

The Path to the Right

You’ll see a shack on this route. You can enter the shack through an animal gate or the back door. Inside the shack, there will be objects that can be used to distract the guards outside.

You’ll throw the jar (L1 + R2) outside the shack to distract the guard and climb outside. Once done, you’ll encounter two guards – one would be standing near the Treasure Box while the other would be patrolling.

You’ll have to be patient and wait for the guard patrolling to leave the position. Throw an object and loot the chest while the guard investigates the source of the disturbance.

In the next location, one guard would be busy in some work while the other guard with a helmet would be patrolling.

If you want to kill either of the guards, make sure both are busy and not around. You can either cross the position without killing anyone by just using the grass as cover. You’ll also find a jar to distract on the stone wall.

If you go forward, you’ll see an archway – use it to enter the Dilapidated Tower.

The Path to the Left

Traveling down the path, you’ll realize that Hugo is sick and having a severe headache. You’ll have to pick him up and carry him.

After some traveling, you’ll see a puddle filled with mud. As you exit this puddle, you’ll be surrounded by mice, but don’t worry, the torchlight will protect you from mice attacks.

You’ll have to cross a small valley where the presence of mice will increase. Again, you’ll have to stay near the torchlight to stay safe.

On the puddle, there will be pieces of woods that will help you cross the puddle. Try to reach the next torch fast so that the mice disappear. The next torch will be present at the top of the white wall.

You’ll face a large number of rats ahead, therefore, you’ll have to open the fence by throwing a rock using your sling. After the fence opens, dead pigs fall all over the place that will scare away the rats.

Cross the mud puddle, go right, and you’ll see a bonfire. Along it would be sticks and a Treasure Chest. Pick up a stick but don’t light it and go back to the place where you saw the rats. While near the puddle, light up the stick using a lantern.

Use the stick to fire up fireplace nearby that was extinguished. Be careful as there is a puddle nearby which is hard to detect because of all mice. There’s a rolling cart nearby as well with a brazier on top of it that you’ll have to light.

You’ll have to push the cart by pressing ‘Triangle’. Yo control the direction, direct the camera where you want to go.

The brazier you just lit would help you against potential mice attacks. You’ve to take the cart on top of the hill. Go inside the open gate and park the cart.

Finding Laurentius

You’re are now present at the Laurentius’ Farm that’s much safer than the other places.

In order to find Laurentius, you’ll have to find a house with multiple levels. Once you enter the house, find the stairways, go up to the second floor, and open the door near the stairs to meet Laurentius.

Enter Laurentius’s Laboratory

Mice have struck once again. In the same area, there will be 2 Pieces of Ham hanging. Use your sling to break the lantern, after which mice will leave you and start eating the ham. Escape the place and outside you’ll find Bag of Grain.

Interact with it and drag it by pressing forward, take the bag in the barn, and destroy the lanterns. This will make the mice attack the pigs inside the barn while escape.

Find Materials for the Alchemical Recipe

You’ll have to find Sulphur and Alcohol for Lucas’s alchemical recipe. You can take the materials to Lucas if you already have them in your inventory. Interact with Lucas only after you’ve examined the room and have brought all the materials to him.

You can find Alcohol on the entrance of the lab and rocks can be found near the stairs on a bench.

Light the Embers

Once the potion is brewed, mice will attack again. You can use the Ignifer to light up nearby objects, therefore, repulsing mice attacks. Press (L1 + R2) to use the Ignifer.

Return to the barn and use the Ignifer to burn the ember near the barn. There will be a ladder nearby that will take you to the second floor.

Exit Laurentius’s Farm

The hay in the horses’ cart will set on fire that will create panic and the horse would start running. With the cart on fire, you can take advantage of the scenario and use the horse as cover against the mice.

After the fire extinguishes, burn the nearby hay and take cover there. You can perform this action repeatedly until you safely exit the place.

Near the burning cart, there should be more resources like Sulphur, Alcohol, and Rocks that you can use as Ignifer ammo.

As you’re sprinting to exit the area, you see two windmill blades on fire. This’d help clear the nearby mice. Run toward the river where you’d find a rowboat to escape Laurentius’s Farm.

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