A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 16 Walkthrough Guide – Coronation

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 16 Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing all the story-related objectives in Chapter 16 titled Coronation. Do note that our Walkthrough Guide will not outline collectibles locations, lore, and dialogues. You can check out our other guides for more info. on those.

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  3. Alchemist Cart
  4. Hugo Herbarium

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 16 Walkthrough

After Hugo and Amicia are reunited and Hugo has passed the Final Threshold, they proceed to seek their revenge.

Along with them are Melie, Rodric, and Lucas to help them each other get their revenge and win the fight over Vitalis. Make sure to follow whatever cues Hugo gives you.

The rats have destroyed your path to reach the city quickly, hence, you’ll be taking a long routed way with Lucas, Rodric, and Melie.

The way is now filled with danger, you will be facing off guards who will be blocking your way throughout, and now you’ve to keep your guard on all the time.

Anyway, along the way, you’ll be getting separated with your partners Lucas and Melie, as they’ll be leaving your side to get away from the guards following them. Meanwhile, Rodric, Hugo, and Amicia will be leading on a different journey.

Reach the Cathedral

Soon, you’ll be reaching the Cathedral where you’ll see a white ‘X’ marking a door on your right. There will be a guard waiting after you cross the fence whom you’ll be taking down by using Rodric.

Find your way to a rat pit where you’ll be finding a torch for yourself. The torch is going to help you see the red fumaroles that mean that you’ve to free a group of rats trapped beneath the ground.

Here, you’re going to cast Exstinguis and free the rats and then use Imperium to kill the guards near you and welcome the new leadership you have gotten over the rats.

After that, you’ll be entering another room with enemies that will be again having some rats trapped beneath the ground and your job will be to release them by dousing the fire in the alcove to your right.

There will be an archer on the ramparts and two guards on the right side of the area. You’ll be getting rid of them by attacking them with rocks. You’ll still be facing off more guards and enemies and now you’re going to use your rats on them.

After passing under the scaffoldings and clearing out the area, you’ll make Rodric lift the gate for you and you’ll be entering the next enemy area.

Entering it, you will firstly be casting Exstinguis at the torch and then control Hugo in order to make him send rats at the guards. You’ll be moving on your next fence and will be clearing out the way using the same methods that you did previously.

There will be a pit where you’ll be reuniting with Lucas and Melie and will be making your way to reach the other side of the pit.

To reach the other side of the pit, you’ll be making Rodric break down the door of the house and will be taking guard as more enemies will come towards you now. You’ll be clearing the area and entering the house that will actually be on fire.

Find the Exit to the House

You can’t leave the house immediately, as you’ve to search for any material that will be useful for you. When you are done, you’ll be using Rodric to break another door to a new house.

Until you reach the dry stalks of plants, keep moving and once you reach it, cast Ignifer. Once done, make Rodric break the door but this time, you go out of the house.

Reach the Cathedral

Clear out the enemy area and then move to the right side of the burning cart and you will see an alleyway. Take the route, continue moving until a dead end, and then look around to search for a gate lock.

Break the lock by using a rock and enter the gate. Keep walking until you reach Rodrick’s old forgery where a game scene will be taking place.

Join Melie and Lucas

You’ll be moving to the cart and when you’ll interact with it, Rodric is going to intervene and push it for Amicia and Hugo. Archers will be ready to attack him and more enemies will be on the way.

Clear out the area and take the stairs. When you reach the portcullis, only Rodric will be left behind.

Clear out this next area and then reach the area before the cathedral. Here, you’ll set off your rats for any damage that’s to come while you will be preparing yourself for Vitalis.

Kill Vitalis

You’ll be entering the cathedral where you’ll find Beatrice caged and Vitalis waiting for you. Hugo will be using the rats to dismantle the horde of Angels by using Hugo’s Imperium to create eddies for the rats.

When you get in control of Amicia, walk toward Vitalis where Vitalis will drop lit braziers and will unearth the Angels. Now the strong Angels, which are even unaffected by the fire, are going to take some time and patience to kill.

Keep sending groups of rats to the angels to kill them while Amicia will be dousing off the braziers. Also, when Vitalis’ dropping the Angel towers, stay close to the Angels so the towers drop on them.

Soon, Beatrice will be free by Millie and Vitalis will start getting weaker.

Start on your attacks on Vitalis and then he’ll be unearthing Angels from that ground that you’ve to stop reaching to Hugo. Douse of the lit braziers and again Vitalis will become weaker and you can attack him again.

Keep doing this and the attacks will be twice on you for each attack style. Vitalis will soon be going weaker again and Hugo has to attack him with a rock finishing Vitalis’ chapter and curing Hugo of slavery of Macula.