A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 15 Remembrance Walkthrough

In this Plague Tale Innocence Chapter 15 guide, we’ll explain how to complete chapter 15 Remembrance in A Plague Tale: Innocence and how to fight the final boss in the chapter.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 15 Remembrance

Remembrance in A Plague Tale: Innocence has 13 objectives that you’ll have to accomplish to complete the chapter.

Getting to the Castle Ramparts
This is the first objective of the chapter, and it holds a collectible (Herbarium 12 – Rockfoils) as well. You’ll find it on the right after entering the door. You won’t have much trouble locating the door either, since it is the only door that is not locked.

Next, head to the main entrance of the main hall. You’ll soon find yourself spoiling a conversation going on between Melie and Arthur. But you can’t have Arthur’s attention without doing so and you need Arthur to light the braziers.

Accompany Arthur
You’ll be needing Arthur’s help to light the braziers.

Placing the First Brazier
To have Arthur light the brazier, you’ll have to place it next to him and he’ll take care of the rest.

Placing the Second Brazier
The second brazier needs to be placed next to the pit. For that, you’ll have to climb down the ladder and then up another ladder.

The second ladder is located next to Arthur. Once you’re up the ladder, you’ll have to move the brazier next to the pit. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do so, given that you have to move it using a handle.

Placing the Third Brazier
To get the third and the last brazier in position, you’ll need to head back to the ramparts.

Once you’ve lighted them all, you’ll realize you’ve only wasted time. Prepare to see a flood of rats coming your way.

Join Arthur
Now that lighting braziers have been a complete failure move the first brazier into its original position and light it again.

Hurry down the ladder, and light the second brazier. Head towards the light, and regroup with Arthur. While Arthur clears the path, you can craft some Ignifier in the meantime.

Head Through the Cleared Path
Soon you’ll come across a wooden structure. When you do, look around for a brazier and then light it up.

However, you won’t have to move it yourself as Arthur will do it for you.

A little down the path, you’ll come across another brazier. Light it up, and then with Arthur’s help, climb up the ladder.

There will be rats coming towards you all along, don’t forget to take them out.

Repaying Arthur
Arthur has been a huge help, and now we need to pay him back by clearing a path for him and protecting him. For now, you’ll be protecting him by moving the brazier near you.

Protecting Arthur
Arthur needs to get to the Ramparts safely. To help him, you need to destroy all the rats coming towards you and move the braziers into positions.

Making Sure the Rest are Okay
After getting Arthur upon the ramparts, you need to make sure that the rest are safe and sound. For that, head inside.

Eventually, you’ll be joined by Lord Nicholas and Hugo, who plan to kill Amicia using an army of rats.

Making an Escape
With the evil intentions of Hugo and Lord Nicholas well known, you and Amicia need to escape along with the rest. The corridor that was unlocked by Rodric in the 11th chapter will help you escape.

Escape from Nicholas
You weren’t getting out that easy, and it’ll become apparent when Amicia gets caught at the hands of Nicholas and Hugo. Amicia will then be putting up a fight as she tries to talk her way out. When she’s doing so, rotate the left analog downwards, and you’ll escape from Nicholas.

With you out of the way, Nicholas will walk towards Amica to kill her himself, but little does he know that he’s walking into a trap.

Once he’s in position, ask Arthur to drop the wooden scaffolding on him. One enemy down, the focus will divert towards Hugo.

Amicia will take care of Hugo, but just when you start to think that violence is over, you’ll get to know that Nicholas is alive. Before you can do anything, Nicholas will kill Arthur

Avenging Arthur (The Final Fight)
Hugo will be on your side for this battle, and his ability to control the rats will come in handy.

Other than that, Ignifer and Devorantis will be useless against Nicholas, and your weapon of choice should be Exstinguis and Imperius.

The entire battle is to be fought in darkness. More the darkness, the better, as you’ll have more hiding spots.

Other than that, Nicholas is wearing very heavy armor, which has slowed down his movement, and you can use this to your advantage.

Use Exstiguis to take out any light, and then use Imperius to attack Nicholas. Hugo will be attacking the boss with his army of rats.

Hugo’s abilities won’t be of use during the second part of the battle as Nicholas’s sword will be on fire.

You’ll be using Exstinguis to take out the fire and then Imperius to attack the boss. For the final stage of the battle, you’ll be seeing Nicholas lighting his entire armor on fire.

It will take you a bit longer to take out the fire, but the strategy would be the same as that in previous stages. Also, Hugo will be attacking the boss with rats again during this stage.

Once the boss has been attacked by rats three times, it will go down, and a cutscene would follow.

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