A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 14 Blood Ties Walkthrough

In this chapter, we will be playing Hugo. It will be a stealth mission for most of the time and if the spotted indicator gets fully red, your game will be over. In this walkthrough, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Chapter 14 Blood Ties in A Plague Tale Innocence.

A Plague Tale Innocence Chapter 14 Blood Ties

Firstly, you have to go to the next room by opening the cupboard door and after the story ends, move ahead and go through the way on the left sidewall. Watch out for the guard and move from here when he is not looking towards you.

The guards will turn around and the priest will lift the cart wait for this and go into the hole to enter the next room without getting seen.

Stay in Stealth Mode

Move forward through different obstructions and you will see a priest turning a stone. Follow him and reach the dark corner on your right. Now hide under the table and the alchemist will walk away by himself. When he is out, move under the left side table. Move forward under the table till you reach another opening.

Don’t bump into the glass bottles here or else you will grab attention. When you reach the end of the tunnel, wait for an alchemist to go right and then silently move forward through the door and go upstairs.

Second Level

Now you will reach the second level, where you have to go left and move forward by avoiding the alchemist and bottles. After that, go right and down from a wooden way to big vats and go left from there. Hide there till the guards walk away.

Follow the guard so you can reach the stairs going down. From there, you have to go left between the second and third vats. You don’t have to stop here. Slowly move forward and go upstairs, and you will eventually find a room full of smoke.

Wait for the smoke to get clear. Now the guard will be on your right side, so you have to go straight into the next area and from there go right into the third structure. You have to wait in every room so it can fill with smoke and you can pass from there without being noticed. After that, go through the table and go downstairs.

Here a guard will pass from the front but wouldn’t be able to see you. Move forward and reach an area from where you can look at Archbishop and continue to move and some story dialogs will also continue with you. Now Hugo will again get a headache and you will reach a room with cabinets.

Now you have to go through the already opened door and wait for the alchemist to walk to the room’s left side by staying under the table. After that, you have to move through the cabinet and wait for the other alchemist to move so you can enter the next room.

After that, you have to go left from the shelves in a way that the table with a red cloth will be on your right side. Move through the obstruction and when the alchemist is not looking towards you, get into the next room.

Here again, get under the table and get into the open cabinet on your left and wait for the alchemist to move away. When he is away, go through the cabinets into an empty room with stairs going down.


A cutscene will be triggered in the cathedral area if you move between the pews and go through the red carpet towards the Grand Inquisitor Vitalis.

Now we have to stay close to Nicholas for unlocking the achievement. You have to go with him into the room with guards and hide behind the covers while he is talking with the guards.

Now again, follow him when he left the room. He will go into an open courtyard by zig-zagging through the small room. Now you don’t have to follow him when he takes a right you have to go to the left side.

Now moves through the crates and follow the bushes while moving forward. You will reach a third opening in the bushes. Here you will attract a guard, but this is fine; just move forward.

Going through the third opening, move straight by the bushes and take two rights. You will reach a clearing inside the bushes.

Here you will find a collectible called Black Nightshade at the end of the clearing.

After that, again start from the checkpoint. Take the path which you take before till the bushes and from the bushes instead of right go forward from the left side doorway. After that again go through a door on your left side and you can run from here as nobody is going to watch you.

Go into the room with a cart and hide under it. Here you will unlock another achievement called Captain Sidekick after beating Nicholas. Now you have to again follow Nicholas as he speaks with the guards and move forward. When he closes a door behind him, you have to enter through the gap in the cell on the right side.

Here two guards will be talking. Follow them and take a left if they take a right. Now go right and wait for Nicholas to end taunting the prisoners. Again follow Nicholas and take cover in the last doorway behind a small alcove. After Nicholas leaves the room, go and see who he was talking with, and after that, a cutscene will be played.

Back in Control

Now you have to take control and go through the wall opening and wait from dialogs to end and guards to go in different ways. Enter the room when guards are gone and go right towards the ladder.

Here you have to follow the plank till you find another ladder so you can climb up and free the rats by pulling the switch. Now you can move freely, get back to the first ladder and set the spotlight on another spotlight on the right.

Now go towards the second spotlight and turn it right and you will access a key on the wooden plank on the wall. Next, set the spotlight to the first one and move the first one on the whole back of the prisoner. Now, set the second spotlight on the doorway so you can enter the previous room. With the key, go back to the room and a cut scene will be played.

Use the Ability

Now use the ability with which you can move the rats and scare the guards with the rats and make them run. But still, you cannot command rats into the area lit. For the guards in the lit room, you have to go back to the darker room.

Move the rats out of the way and from the room move the spotlight in the right direction so the rats in the hole can be controlled. Use these rats to scare away the guards. After that, go through the open door and move the rats with you on the other side of the cart.

Enter the next room and go through the staircase on the left and go up. Moving through another cart and forward from a straight path in the hallway, you will start another cut scene. After the cut scene, you have to use the rats to protect yourself and your mother.

Watch out for the archers and spearmen here. After the chapter end, a new achievement will be unlocked, named Blood Ties, marking the end of A Plague Tale Innocence Chapter 14.

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