A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 13 Penance Walkthrough

Penance is chapter 13 of A Plague Tale Innocence and in this walkthrough, we’ll help you complete all its objectives and find all its collectibles and trophies/achievements as well.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 13 Penance

The Collectibles that you can find in Chapter 13, Penance, of A plague Tale: Innocence are Rag Doll, Knight Figurine, and Daffodil. The first two are Curiosities and the last one is Herbarium. Finally, the trophy/achievement you get will be Penance.

The mission starts with your character looking for her brother, Hugo. You will find yourself inside a pit in which you just fell inside. As you regain consciousness, you need to follow the path where Clervie is waiting for you.

Talk to her and she will open a gate where you can pass through but to find the Rag doll, we need to crouch under the wooden opening on your left side and reach the Rag doll on the bench.

Now go back and through the gate to find yourself in Laurentius’s farm where, as you go straight, you will meet him. Enter his house to reach the de Rune’s headquarters to have a conversation with Beatrice.

Before entering Hugo’s quarters, we have to find the next collectible, which is inside the room on your right. Get the Knight Figurine sitting on the desk, then meet Hugo by the tent.

After talking to him, he will push you and you will be back in the pit. From here, climb up to the ground and follow the path till you reach two guards.

Hit them with rocks and meet Hugo trapped in the cage. Free Hugo and then and look for the Daffodil between the two trees just a bit farther from where you just rescued Hugo.

Eventually, Hugo will run away, and you need to follow him until he reaches Estate Gardens. The pathway in front of you will be lit with candles.

Follow it and make your way through the dead people’s arms assaulting you to finally find out that Hugo is being held captive by Lord Nicholas.

This will bring an end to Chapter 13, Penance of A Plague Tale: Innocence.