A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 11 Alive Walkthrough

Alive is Chapter 11 of A Plague Tale: Innocence and in this A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 11 Alive walkthrough, we will go through all the areas and objectives of the chapter as well as all the achievements and collectibles.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 11 Alive

Right at the start of the chapter you will see Amicia and Rodric as they successfully escape the University Alive fire and Inquisition; they also retrieved the Sanguinis Itinera successfully, which is for Lucas. Here a sensational moment of happiness will come as Hugo and Amicia see each other and hug.

Explore the Corridor

The view will take three weeks ahead in time and then as you get control of Amicia again, booty this outside of the location where we first spawned as the chapter started and talk to Rodric. Here, Rodric will ask Amicia about the closed door and they both go on explored the area behind the closed door.

When Rodric opens the door for you, move forward and then go downstairs beams under there you will approach another build into that area ask Rodric to open the door for you again. This opens into an open area, here you will find your one and only collectible of the chapter Rhododendron (Herb 8 of 13).

To find the collectible, go down the ladder you see in front of you into the inner ring of the yard and then take a right turn to get to the outer ring again and you will find the collectible on the ground.

After that, go back to the middle of the yard and join Rodric to observe a fresco on the ground.

Meet Lucas

As you are talking to Rodric, Lucas will call you inside to tell you that there is something wrong with Hugo. You just need to go back the way you came from to enter the Great Hall. This objective of the chapter simply asks you to follow Lucas and go upstairs and a new cutscene will appear.

You will come to know that Lucas cannot use the knowledge that he is getting to its full potential without good equipment and a better lab to practice everything.

Here Amicia will say that they should go to de Rune estate to check for Beatrice de Rune’s laboratory as that might help Lucas.

As they are talking about it, Arthur and Melie will come into the scene and they will deliver the news that Beatrice de Rune is alive but taken as a captive by Inquisition.

Amicia will try to make sure that Hugo doesn’t get this news, but he will eavesdrop and faint on hearing the news and thinking of passing the second threshold.