A New Sony Patent Reveals a Google Stadia Like PS5 Game Streaming Service

A new Sony patent reveals that the company is working on a PlayStation 5 (PS5) game streaming service similar to Google’s Stadia. This patent was accepted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday. According to the patent, Sony may have some hidden features for PS5 up its sleeves.

The patent reveals that the company is working on a “system for combining recorded application state with application streaming interactive video output”. This means that the service will stream an application from a hosting device rather than downloading it.

In short, a cloud gaming service with features similar to Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud.

Here’s a summary of the patent:

An apparatus for recording application state information over time while simultaneous recording application streaming interactive video output. A playback means in which the recorded application video may be played back or the application may be re-executed with the application state information

This doesn’t come as a surprise because companies like Sony and Microsoft file patents all the time. However, most of these proposed features never make it to the final product.

It’s no longer a secret that Sony will face huge competition from services like Google Stadia and Project xCloud when they launch, perhaps the Japanese giant is already working on a streaming service for a more secure future.

The patent reveals that the streaming service will need a computing device and needs to be connected to the host, which in this case would be PlayStation 5. This service will allow users to play PlayStation 5 exclusive games on any device that comes with a screen. In addition to this, the service will also support “any input devices”, including keyboards, touchscreens, track pads, buttons, video captures cameras, motion trackers, inertial-sensing wands and more.

Sony also mentions that this service will benefit developers by preventing privacy, because the games will exist on servers. As for how players will pay for this server, Sony has listed two subscription models.

The first model will allow players to pay directly to Sony Corporation in return for video games on a monthly basis. The second model will allow the players to pay the developers, instead of Sony. These developers will then have to pay a cut of these subscriptions to Sony so players can stream games.

There’s no confirmation on the topic yet by Sony, which is why we can do nothing but wait till Sony officially announces PlayStation 5 with its features.

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