New Koei Tecmo Game To Be Revealed At The Video Game Awards, New IP?

Koei Tecmo, we all know them from games like Ninja Gaiden, Hyrule Warriors, Nioh, and my personal favorite, Dead or Alive. Recently it was confirmed that a new Koei Tecmo game will be revealed on December 6th at the Video Game Awards.

What game could it be though? From the list above, the most likely case is a sequel to Nioh. KT’s own version of a Samurai action RPG. Nioh 2 had a tiny teaser trailer at E3 which only confirmed the sequel’s existence.

The new Koei Tecmo game might not be a completely new reveal at all. But rather an update to an existing reveal. Possible gameplay showcase for Nioh 2? I sure hope so.

I’d love to see the continuation of William’s story. I mean who doesn’t love an Irish samurai? Besides his enemies of course.

The teaser mentioned a fated battle. This could be a hint at William’s vision of Hattori’s death at the end of Nioh, and the sequel could be focused on the Siege of Osaka. A definitive setting for a “Fated battle”.

Speaking of battles, Dead or Alive. A fighting game made by KT. Is Dead or Alive 6 the new Koei Tecmo Game that they plan to reveal at The Video Game Awards 2019?

Dead or Alive 5 was a pretty underrated game in my opinion. Since a lot of the video game community weren’t able to see past the fan service of the title.

The gameplay featured Tekken like combat in a 3D maneuvering environment. Besides every character’s own combos and grapples. The game had a very important counter grapple mechanic. One that I feel a lot of fighting games should have.

Why? So you don’t get caught in massive 30+ hit combos with no way to counter or escape them. (*cough* Fighterz *cough*)

Dead or Alive 6 is a much-needed continuation. Seeing as we saw the last installment way back in 2012. Long as hell time to wait.

With the popularity of Samurai games though (Ghost of Tsushima or Sekiro), Nioh would be a smart pick for a new Koei Tecmo games. Especially since the last game is still fresh in the mind of a lot of gamers. Especially Soulsborne lovers.

The Video Game Awards take place on December 6th. Where we’ll finally get to see who takes home the esteemed Game of the Year award. The contenders are also ones to not be trifled with. God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2 and (my beloved) Spider-Man.

The Russo Brothers also plan to attend the awards as presenters. Could this mean a trailer drop for the Avengers 4? I sure hope so.

Source: Siliconera

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