A Kingdom Hearts 3 Recap Video Will Be Coming With The Game

We'll be getting a Kingdom Hearts 3 recap video along with Kingdom Hearts 3 when it releases, so that players can be caught up on the story.

Are you an Xbox player who’s interested in getting Kingdom Hearts 3 but are worried you might get lost in the story? Or have you played the series before, but have forgotten major events? Don’t worry, because a five-episode Kingdom Hearts 3 recap video will be coming with the game to sum up the story.

Kingdom Hearts has a somewhat memetic reputation in the video game community for having an extremely convoluted story filled with a large amount of terminology that only fans of the series will get, and even if you’ve played the series before you might have lost track of what’s happening, especially since Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, the most recent game, came out back in 2012, six years ago.

Since six years is a long time to remember a plot like Kingdom Hearts’, it’s not really a surprise that Square Enix has decided to put in a Kingdom Hearts 3 recap video that will help to either catch you up with the story (if you’ve played the games before and have just forgotten) or will summarize everything that’s happened so far (if Kingdom Hearts 3 is the first game you’ll be playing.)

The Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2018 trailer dropped a good number of bombshells and hints from previous games on both fans of the series and gamers that had never played Kingdom Hearts before, such as Aqua falling to Darkness after spending ten years in the Realm of Darkness, Sora talking about how Roxas is inside his heart, how Elsa from Frozen might be one of the seven new hearts that Organization 13 needs, and more.

All of this together would be confusing to anyone who’s just coming into the series with Kingdom Hearts 3, so Square Enix including that Kingdom Hearts 3 recap video will definitely come in handy for a lot of gamers who have never played Kingdom Hearts before and are starting with 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 on January 29 of 2019.


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