A GTA Online Hack Can Drain Your Money Permanently, Avoid Public Lobbies

It won’t be the first time we are warning people about a GTA Online hack for the game’s PC version, but this one is pretty serious. Apparently, there are some cheaters who are able to use this hack and drain out all the money from your account permanently.

What’s happening is that these cheaters are using the modmenu/ cheat menu hack called Insurance Fraud to take money from you.

The cheater spawns a very expensive car for himself which then blows up, implicates a given player in a lobby and charges that player with the price of the car for insurance. The victim here could be any random person from the public lobbies, which is why we are suggesting you keep yourself at bay from there.

Of course this doesn’t mean you will have to abstain from playing completely, you should prefer to use invite sessions or private sessions to avoid the GTA Online hack.

Want a visual insight into what happens when the said hack is deployed? Here are two videos showing off the cheaters in action, you can see what happens from the cheater’s perspective as well as the victim’s perspective.

Since Rockstar Games has not added anti-cheat to the multiplayer for situations like these, we are going to have to suggest you avoid dealing with random people inside the game. The GTA Online hack is being used by a number of cheaters – and we know there are hundreds of thousands of them in the community, so.

Were you the victim of this or a similar cheat? Tell us in the comments below.

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