A Closer Look at the Destiny: The Taken King Weapons

If there is one thing that stands out about Destiny it has to be the art style. From the look of the Guardians, to the many weapons available to them the game has a look that is instantly recognisable as being from the game.

Today we have some pictures that show just how much detail the artists go into when creating the weaponry in the game. Bungie 3D artist Matt Lich has posted some of his work on his ArtStation page and you can’t help but be impressed with the level of detail. Some of the guns that are included are from The Taken King.

Telesto Rifle


The Telesto is a vestige of the Queen’s Harbringers. A Fusion Rifle, it allows you to attach projectiles to your foes and detonate them with a delayed Void blast.

Suros Rifle


Seen as one of the best weapons, the Suros is customisable to match the Guardians intent. The Suros offers two columns of stat perks granting more options for changing them based on the Guardians needs.

Omolon Rifle


An energy weapon the Omolon Rifle is an experimental weapon with generous handling stats in its base form. With this gun the talent grids focus on behavioural perks over stat customisation. Perk selection favours favour energy ones that favour the Guardians abilities and status.

What we see here are just the designs of the guns, but with this level of detail you get to see them as the artist wanted them to be seen. If you go to Matt Lich’s page you’ll see plenty more designs showing more of not only the guns above, but others he worked on.

Do the new guns impress you? Let us know your thoughts above.

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