Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 Now Free In Microsoft Store For PC

Batman is again the protagonist of new gifts for regular PC video game players. After the freebies of the trilogies of Batman Arkham and LEGO Batman in Epic Games Store, it is now Microsoft that has celebrated Batman Day through the Microsoft Store with Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series which you can get temporarily for free.

To get the game completely free for PC, you just have to access this link, click on Get and add to the cart. When proceeding to the purchase you will see that its cost is zero, so if you have a compatible device you can play this first episode of the graphic adventure of Bruce Wayne based on the universe of the masked character of DC Comics completely free.

It should be noted that what they give is only the first episode. There are a total of five episodes. The other four episodes can be purchased additionally, unfortunately.

It should be said that, now that Telltale Games has risen and is back with some developments, Batman’s adventures are some of those that will return. The acquisition was made by Brian Waddle and Jamie Ottilie, members of LCG Entertainment, and confirmed that they still own the rights of The Wolf Among Us and Batman, from which we can expect new deliveries in the future.

It is unknown if these ads are a closer approach to the eventual announcement of a new installment of the character in the video game industry, but at the moment there is no official information about it.

Rumors have it that the new game will be showed at The Game Awards, a show that always gives the announcements of large exclusives without prior notice, but we insist that they are nothing more than speculations to date.

I remind you that Batman: The Enemy Within released on August 8, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

In other news, the main scriptwriters of Rocksteady Games, the studio in charge of the Batman Arkham series, have joined Playground Games, the Forza Horizon developers who opened a second studio to work on a large open-world RPG. All rumors suggest that this title is a new Fable.

Kim MacAskill, senior scriptwriter at Rocksteady, joined Playground in August 2019. Martin Lancaster, Batman Arkham Knight’s main screenwriter is the narrative director of the team that is creating the RPG. Craig Owens, another senior screenwriter of the Batman team, is now the main screenwriter on Playground.

Both Playground Games and those responsible for Xbox are being suspicious when talking about this supposed Fable IV. The only thing that is officially confirmed, as mentioned above, is that they are working on an open-world role-playing game. They want to present it “in due time”. However, this summer the game was listed for some unknown reason in Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform.

Playground Games has also hired employees from Rockstar Games, Lionhead Studios (the creators of Fable), Massive Entertainment (The Division), Bioware, Ninja Theory and Konami, among others.

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