Battlerite Sirius Guide

In this Battlerite Sirius Guide, we will tell you everything that you require to play Sirius in the game. You will be told of all of the Abilities, as well as the Battlerites, Build, and any strats to employ when playing Sirius. You will also be given some useful Tips and Tricks so that you can easily dominate with the champion.

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Battlerite Sirius Guide

This Sirius Guide details pretty much everything you need to know about playing as Sirius.

Abilities and Battle Rites

Sirius is the only melee support in the game and is a good damage dealer, you can go the healing route but it is better if you try to build it for the damage.

Take Debilitating slash and Saros Cycle for your left mouse button as it will allow your attack to last 3.5 seconds and will enable you to survive a little longer since you are a support and are naturally quite squishy.

Lethal Slash could be good but Saros Cycle is much better over the course of the match.

Crescent Strike
Sirius’ basic ability which deals moderate damage and makes him very swift and quick. The damage further increases by when empowered letting you cause 22 damage.

Celestial Cycle
Take Celestial Cycle for your R as your build focuses on charging your weapon and this will help you in outputting more damage and debuffing your enemies more often.

Sun Bath
For your right mouse button, it is best to take Sun Bath as it will make you get an additional charge and allow you to heal enemies more often since as you know, it is quite difficult to heal allies when playing as Sirius.

Lunatic is also good and allows you to hit your Petrify no matter what.

Crescent Gale
The EX Left mouse button is a projectile that deals 24 damage and inflicts a 30 percent Snare. It can be used for either finishing people off or preventing them from running away.

EX Space is the same but heals you and your allies at the same time and give you an empowered heal to allow you to heal for 40 instantly.

EXs are very important and are the main abilities that will make you victorious. On his R, he strikes his target, deals 18 damage and lands a snare as well as charging your weapon by half.

Sunrise is a defensive ability which allows mitigating incoming damage in order to trigger a counter. Once you trigger the ability, Sirius will instantly teleport into the air and repositions according to your choice.

Lunar Strike
Lunar Strike is one of the strongest abilities of Sirius in Battlerite. Lunar Strike allows Sirius to petrify enemies who are caught in its radius.

When you don’t have Celestial Split or Sunrise, Lunar Strike is one of the best abilities to enhance your protection

Prismatic Strike
Prismatic Strike is your thing if you like far range killings. It allows Sirius to deal high instant damage from fairly long range. Though it requires a Focus charge, but it is worth it if you can land both attacks.

Celestial Rift
This Ex-ability acts exactly same as the Celestial Split, but charges your weapons instantly while dealing increased healing and damage to those you land upon.

Astral Beam
Your Ultimate sends out an astral beam, dealing 100 damage and healing allies for 100 as well as yourself for 50. It is very difficult to use so it is best if you are either battling for the mid orb or if your enemy is in a tight spot.

Battlerite Sirius Strats

Now let’s take a look at how to be effective when playing as Sirius. You need to deal a ton of damage and be aggressive.

You can move around the map and your main goal is to debuff the enemy, deal as much damage as you can and generally be a nuisance for the enemy team.

Try to position yourself at the front and petrify the enemy. Or you can space in and just wreak havoc. Try to use the counter at the right time as it will also recharge your weapon.

The best target for you to focus on is the support as it will be the most squishy if they do not have a support, then you should try and focus on whoever deals the most damage for them.

Petrify is very useful and you can hit it twice. Use it to split apart enemies and crowd control them when initiating a fight.

Your main job is to go in and use Sirius as a melee character rather than a support. 1v1 is also a strong point for you so try to find duels for you to win.

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