Battlerite Blossom Guide

Blossom can be an incredibly fun character to play but also has a decent skill curve. This Battlerite Blossom Guide will tell you everything that you need to know about her such as her Abilities, Battle Rites, and what strategies to employ when playing with her. You will also be given many useful Tips and Tricks so that you can outplay your opponents with ease.

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Battlerite Blossom Guide

Blossom has heal, crowd control and a lot of mobility which makes her a really strong support. Let’s take a look at her Abilities, then onto strategies that you need when playing as Blossom.

Abilities and Battlerites

This build will allow Blossom to constantly move about the battlefield and heal as many enemies as she possibly can. Choose Gift of Nature along with Hop and Skip as it gives you two jumps and the Bloom Bloom seed will be able to leave behind enemies trying to chase you.

Refreshing Seed is also good, as it will give you and your teammate a massive haste bonus when the tree dies. This can be incredibly useful for escaping attacks and you should try to utilize it in your play.

Apart from this, Pollen will give your E more time to chain CCs to your enemies and your teammates to jump onto them. Lastly, Kindhearted is a good way to cap all of them all and make your champion much better rounded.

The Space EX Ability is an enhanced version of pop, which does everything that the normal Ability does while at the same time deals 25 damage and knocks enemies together, which gives you a chance to push back enemies and retreat. The Skip is a bonus.

Gust is a strong ability that reflects any projectile fired at you. It also disperses enemies in the opposite direction; making it a great tool for saving allies from being killed.

This Ability also knocks them back a little and is great for enemies who have no counters. Your main objective while playing this character is to cause as much disruption in your opponent as well as helping in the battles. Read on to find out about the Tips and Tricks you require for Battlerite.

Blossom Tips and Strategies

Your job as Blossom is to heal as many allies that you can while moving about. Skip is good before enemies have their Ultimate available. The tree gives you a bonus when it dies so try to place it between you and the enemy to ensure the bonus is given to you.

Thwack! Is the basic attack Blossom will be using; it is rather slow and you will need to master its trajectory in order to land those precise hits. Charging Thwack! Has its rewards, as it will snare your enemy and stun them. Use the charge wisely to get out of sticky situations.

Nourish is Blossom’s primary heal which will heal her and the allies around her. The charges will replenish overtime, use them to keep your team up and going.

Hop is Blossom’s mobility to get around the battlefield and out of sticky situations easily. You can use it to grant yourself invisibility and a boost to your movement speed. Do not waste this ability because it has a long cooldown.

Improved version of Hop is Tag which will allow Blossom to deal damage against the enemy she hits. She will also retain her invisibility and her movement speed bonuses that come with it.

Tree of Life is a great ability as it provides AOE healing over 5 seconds, making a zone for you to fight from. It can give you and your allies the edge over the fight.

Your Tree of Life can also absorb damage your allies take with Forest Sanctuary, all damage is absorbed to the tree within the radius making this an extremely useful and game changer ability.

Bloom Bloom side is another escape tool as you can put it between you and melee champions to give them a choice of backing off or being stunned.

Gust is a strong ability that reflects any projectile fired at you. It also disperses enemies in the opposite direction; making it a great tool for saving allies from being killed.

Blossom’s Ultimate is Dancer of the Dryads that is a ranged attack that not only damages players but prevents them from getting any significant heals (It applies a 50% healing debuff).

As it will be obvious by now, your main job will be to heal either your teammates or peel off the enemy support. Try to find which is the more important one in the situation and try to lear0n to do both.

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