Battlerite Bakko Guide

This Battlerite Bakko Guide will tell you all that you need to know about Bakko in Battlerite. We will tell you everything from how to play him, what his abilities are, what to build when playing him, when to pick him and give you some useful tips and tricks which will help you dominate your opposition as you climb the ladders in the game. Read on to find out more.

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Battlerite Bakko Guide

Bakko Abilities

Bakko has the following abilities:

War Axe (Left Mouse Button)
Bakko deals eight damage for his left click and gives you a stack up to 3. These stacks are consumed by the right click as he throws his ax for 16 damage and 4 damage per stack.

Blood Axe (Right Mouse Button)
If you have three charges available, you will snare the enemy which will fade over 1.5 seconds. This is the main ability as it can deal a fair amount of damage while providing a little CC effect as well.

Valiant Leap (Space Bar)
The space bar ability is known as Valiant Leap, it will leap on the air and crash down on the target doing 22 damage and applying the snare which fades over 1 second.

Bulwark (Q)
The Q makes Bakko raise his shield defending any projectiles and stunning any melee champions who dare attack him.

Shield Dash (E)
Shield dash is performed using E and Bakko rams forward with his shield, carrying enemies. It will cancel their abilities and do 16 damage if they hit a wall.

War Shout (R)
The R is known as War Shout. This gives you and your ally a 40 HP shield for 2 seconds and can be extremely useful when engaging enemies who do burst damage.

War Stomp (Shift+Space)
The EX abilities of Bakko are quite good. The space bar EX is known as War Stomp and incapacitates foes for 3.5 seconds.

Shield Slam (Shift+E)
The Shield Slam bashes enemies with his field, doing 12 damage and applying a 2.5-second snare.

Heroic Charge (F)
The Ultimate is known as Heroic Charge. It makes Bakko charge forward and carry the first enemy he hits for 35 damage. When he gets near the wall or another obstacle, Bakko slams the enemy dealing 25 damage in an area around him.


Tier 1
Adrenaline Rush activates after using Valiant Leap, causing his ax to deal 10 damage. Shield bash allows you to recast Bullwork and perform a shield bash which will weaken the target for 2 seconds, reducing their damage by half and dealing 8 damage. Wall Slam makes your shield damage incapacitates enemies for 2.5 seconds if they hit a wall.

Tier 2
For the tier 2 rites, you can use mobile defense to give yourself 40 percent speed buff when using Bullwork. Valiant Leap gives you a 30 percent less damage buff for you and your allies for a short duration while the Battle Lust gives you healing for a stack of your ax.

Tier 3
In Tier 3, Axe and Shield reduce the cooldown of Bulwark by 1s, whereas Shield Sprint increases the range of Shield Dash and the Weapon Mastery makes blood ax give you 1 charge on hit.

Tier 4
In Tier 4, Verocity increases your stack from 3 to 4. Inspiration increases your energy by 25 percent and gain of energy from abilities by 10 percent. Lastly, Battle Ready makes you move faster with three stacks.

Tier 5
In Tier 5, Reinforcement makes your charge grant yourself a shield for 5 seconds which absorbs 30 damage whereas Warbringer gives you 3 stacks when you hit your slam on Heroic Charge.

Bakko Builds and Strats

Use your Blood axes as much as you can to wreak havoc. The left click is only there to build stacks. Shield Dash is good with the Battlerite to increase its range and make it a good mobility tool.

For Tier 1, take adrenaline rush for the burst damage, Shield Bash is good for tier 2. Mobile Defense is good for tier 3 for the amazing mobility that it provides you during battle, or you can take Battle Lust if you have no healer on your team. Take Bravery Shield Spring for the shield, as you are a tank. Next take Verocity, for obvious reasons. Take whatever you feel like in tier 5 as both of them are quite good.

That is all we have for our Battlerite Bakko Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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