5G Tech Might Save Google Stadia From Total Disaster But It Still Won’t Succeed?

Google Stadia is coming later this year and a free version is set for next year. There are multiple issues with Stadia but one problem might be resolved with 5G Tech. Lag and latency might not be an issue when playing outside on cellular networks. Of course, an unlimited 5G data plan will cost you an arm and leg.

How Can 5G Help Stadia?

Let’s keep cost aside for a moment and discuss how 5G can actually deliver what Google has promised. Of course, without it, public WiFi and regular 4G speeds might not be able to deliver a smooth on the go Stadia experience.

5G won’t offer better range than 4G but it allows the use of higher frequencies and higher speeds. In the United States, T-Mobile and AT&T have some frequencies with a normal range that they can use while Verizon has to turn off some normal frequencies first which will reduce their 4G LTE speeds while they migrate to 5G.

Gaming on the go, which is Google’s selling point for Stadia, works best with 5G on mobile devices. AAA gaming on the go will be a dream come true.

5G reportedly has less than 1ms latency and since Google has servers all over the world, Stadia could blow up big time in the gaming community.

This means you can not only play single players game on mobile devices anywhere, but competitive MP games are possible without lag and latency.

Is This Enough To Succeed?

Short answer? No, this is no way near enough for Google Stadia to succeed. But it is a great start.

Hardcore, a dedicated gaming community that enjoys AAA single and multiplayer games demand ownership and safety of their games. And so far Google hasn’t been able to offer it with Stadia. If Google Stadia fails all of your games are gone. Thousands of dollars down the drain with no way to get your money or games back. We already talked about this in detail.

Internet speeds, data caps, and digital ownership concerns are issues Google much address. Majority of these issues aren’t in Google’s control so where does that leave Stadia? We’ll have to wait and see. Google is counting on 5G tech to be widely available for Stadia.

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