Only 53% Of Players Were Successful To Eliminate The First Hitman Elusive Target

O Interactive have released statistics about the first Hitman Elusive target, Sergie Larin. According to tthe stats 53% of the players were successful.

The first Hitman Elusive Target was available last weekend, and players tried their skills and luck to take this target out. Elusive Targets are special targets which are available for limited time and players only have one chance to eliminate them. However, according to IO Interactive only half of the players were successful.

IO Interactive has released statistics about the first Hitman Elusive target, Sergie Larin. According to the stats 53% of the players who attempted to eliminate Sergie Larin were successful and got away safely. Only 9.9 % of the players got the Silent Assassin rating.

IO Interactive did not provide any further statistics about the approaches the players took to eliminate Sergie Larin. However, it would be interesting to know what weapons were used the most and how long the average attempt lasted.

The stats do share that how quickly the mission was completed. According to stats, only 6 minutes were required for the first player to complete this assignment and 34 minutes for the first Silent Assassin.

After the conclusion of this event, the developer emailed players asking them about their experience for this Elusive target.

The developer also mention changes for the game in a blogpost.

IO Interactive:

still digesting [feedback] and having discussions internally about what, if anything, we might want to change, tweak, or adjust in the future.

IO Interactive promised that more Elusive targets are on their way, and these targets will be just as integral to the live content as Escalations. The developer said that to expect more balance between the two modes.

IO Interactive also revealed that they will reveal the release date for Episode 3: Marrakesh next week.

Hitman is the first game in the franchise to be released in episodic format. The first two episodes are available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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