505 Games Predicts Death Stranding PC Profits Will Be Extremely High

505 Games, the same publisher that recently published Remedy Entertainment’s latest game Control, is predicting that Death Stranding PC profits will be in the tens of millions of dollars when it releases. The information came alongside a report for the first fiscal quarter of this year for the company, as a prediction.

Death Stranding is exclusive to the Playstation 4 for now, but a PC version of the game is supposed to be releasing sometime in the summer of next year. 505 Games is going to be publishing the PC version of the game, as opposed to Sony Interactive Entertainment, who published the game’s console version.

505 Games has had a great deal of success this year, including games like Control from Remedy, and the Castlevania spiritual successor Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. But both of the profits from those games (17.7 million euros and 5.5 million euros, respectively) will likely pale in comparison to the Death Stranding PC profits.

Digital Bros, the owners of 505 Games, have predicted that profits from Death Stranding will exceed 50 million euros, while selling anywhere from 834,000 to a million copies. While there’s no telling how accurate these predictions will turn out to be, it would be nice for Kojima’s first game independent of Konami to be a roaring success.

Death Stranding has been the subject of a divisive reception even in the weeks up to its release, as various reviews have come in from all across the world. The game’s scores muddy the issue even further by changing scores depending on what region the publication is from, something Kojima remarked on.

Either way, hopefully you’ll want to buy the game and try it out for yourself before you form your own opinion, but there’s still a long time before you can get it on the PC. Hopefully Digital Bros’s predictions about the Death Stranding PC profits end up coming true, but we’ll have to wait until the game comes out on the PC in the summer of 2020.