505 Games is Investigating Control Crash Issues On Xbox Series X

Control on Xbox Series X is having issues right now with players reporting frequent crashes as 505 Games investigates the issue.

Control is now available on PC and Xbox consoles through the Xbox Game Pass. However, this comes with a big issue as players encounter crashes on Xbox Series X while playing Control. The studio is investigating the problem right now.

Over the past few days, players have been reporting having crashes to the main menu on Xbox Series X after getting a new mission. On PC, such an issue could have a lot of explanations. On Series X though, performance is at its finest.

This doesn’t excuse such frequent crashes. 505 Games is investigating the issue. The support team dropped the news of this crash being a known issue on Twitter. The reply reads:

We are aware of stability issues that Series X and PCGP players are experiencing and are looking into them. We are seeing them in both performance and graphics modes in retail environments. We hope to have an update for you all soon!

The issue varies from player to player with some saying they have crashes to the main menu from once per playthrough to once per hour. Some other claim that the console has gone into full shut down a few times. Since the team is investigating the issue over the past week, a fix will be available soon, if not already silently deployed.

505 Games urges players to contact their support team in case of such issues through their contact form. It seems that the publisher has a lot on its plate right now, as more issues surface recently. More specifically, Assetto Corsa Competizione is having issues on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

For those who want to try the Control but haven’t joined the hype train during its release, the game is available through Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox consoles. Control stands at an 85 rating on Metacritic, scoring many perfect scores by critics during its launch period.

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