50% Of The Switch Online Users Already Bought The 20$/year Plan

Criticism about the new Switch Online service has been noticed before and after the system had launched.

Despite its criticism, people’s desire to have access to online functionality has brought a large number of users to subscribe to the new service anyway. Switch Online service is already proving to be very popular in Nintendo’s own home.

Nearly two months have gone by since the Switch Online service has officially been in a state of up-and-running. Since then, Nintendo didn’t provide an insight into how many users have signed up for it.

Nintendo’s President Furukawa recently provided some insight as to what the user base currently looks like.

He said that over 50% of subscribers have chosen to purchase the annual plan, which is $20. There is also a statement made by a Japanese retailer a few weeks ago, he said that the annual membership cards were selling well across 1000 storefronts.

Considering the annual price of the membership which works out to be only $1.66 per month, there’s no clue about why this option has been chosen to be the most popular. Otherwise on regular bases the monthly membership plan is $4.

Recently there was a report showing Nintendo’s Switch Online mobile application download counts which were over 5 million across iOS and Android, but that still didn’t tell us about how many actual subscribers there are.

However, no details about this were revealed earlier until Nintendo’s recent financial report was out, but it’s still the report is unclear about the actual number.

Perhaps they are waiting for a specific threshold before telling us about the actual numbers, maybe it’s after six months or the first year.

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