50 Cent Working On a New Game, More Fascinating Than the Previous Games

The rapper 50 Cent, in his interview with GameSpot, showed a keen interest in making a new game. The previous game, Blood on the Sand, was fantastic on its own right so we expect 50 Cent’s new game to be fascinating than the previous ones.

After 50 Cent’s: blood on the Sand, and Bulletproof this just might be something more capturing for the followers of the rapper. With all that gangster stuff that 50 Cent talks about in his rap is now for others to play and enjoy through his games.

During the promotion of his film Den of Thieves, he showed interest in making a third game which would be based on the idea of Tomorrow, Today a Tv show which is also written by the rapper.

We see a person who has undergone an experiment to become a perfect human and so the story takes a flight as a crime-fighting sequence with a superhero in the light. Who is also chased by the law, which astonishingly, very much relates to the concept of the Batman. Long story short this third new game of 50 Cent, may possibly be fascinating than the previous ones.

Little else can be said for this new game. Other than the fact that 50 Cent wants this game to be unique in all sense so it may last longer with a sense of fascination as it would allow the gamers to be able to perform and do stuff which they are not able to.

The previous games by him were on consoles but this time there may just be an addition to the PC users in this sequel. In the Blood of Sand 50 Cent also had the G-unit in the story. So it just may include G-unit in the third part as well.