5 Video Games That Will Run on a Potato PC

Gaming on PC isn’t cheap and often you may find yourself with low-end specs or without a GPU at all. In such situations, you can’t run many games but there are some that will run regardless of you owning a graphics card or now.

Here we have a list of games that do not require anything above a potato PC to run.

Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 pretty much kicked off an era of competitive shooters. It laid the foundation for competitive gameplay with shooter games on PC.  The first-person shooter is developed by Valve and Turtle Rock Studios and was released back in 1999.

It is very different from the Counter Strike we know today. But it will run on a Potato PC.

Caesar 3

The game released back in 1998 and is developed by Impressions Games. You play the role of a Roman governor who is tasked to build a massive Roman city.  You will need to make sure the needs of your citizens are met and your city is safe as well as profitable.


The free to play card game should not be taken lightly. The game is as addictive as any of the mainstream card games. Without even realizing, you will end spending hours playing this game. It draws from the world of JRPGs and can be played on pretty much anything.

Max Payne

The original Max Payne is definitely worth going back to regardless of the type of PC own. If you are yet to play this amazing title we recommend giving it a try. The best part is that it will run on the worse of the worse kind of PCs – Potato PCs.

Sims 4

Well, at least it runs!

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