Gears 5 Best Weapons Guide

Gears 5 best weapons and weapon tier list. Which one is your favorite?

Weaponry is a huge part of the combat in Gears 5. The game has a wide variety you can choose from that ranges from Pistols to Heavy Weapons. Some weapons are better than others in different regards so before you start shooting, we’ve prepared this little guide that lists the best weapons in Gears 5 for both campaign and horde mode.

Gears 5 Best Weapons

Choosing the best weapon in Gears 5 depends on your playstyle, what you prefer, and the overall feel of the weapon. While we think these are some of the best weapons in Gears of War 5, your thoughts on what the best weapon is may vary.

We will be listing out all of the weapons available to you in Gear 5 below as well as provide you with our Tier List for these weapons. All of this should help you figure out which weapon is for you and which isn’t.

The following are all the guns you will come across in the campaign of Gears 5. Keep in mind that both the campaign and Horde mode use the same weaponry and you have the option to choose your loadout in Horde mode so whichever weapon you prefer, you can just select it from the menu.

Standard Weapons

If you’re looking for some decent standard weapons, you should try giving these weapons a go both in singleplayer and multiplayer. There are relic versions of some of these weapons which are sort of like collectible guns with added damage and special abilities.

Lancer GL

This weapon has a laser targeting system for its grenade launcher that helps make it very accurate. The Lancer GL also has a Relic version that has a straight-shooting under-barrel attachment. This weapon has the most ammo drop in the game so you will never run out technically.



This sniper rifle is a campaign relic that has an excellent rate of fire. The Relic version of the Longshot allows you to have an additional shot in the chamber if you manage to do a perfect reload.

Gnasher Shotgun

A large clip, high damage and fairly decent reload time for a shotgun. What more could you want?

Hammer Burst

A burst-fire assault rifle that is excellent for both medium and close range. This assault rifle does not promise anything crazy but is very solid and reliable.


The Overkill shotgun is an absurd weapon. It is almost undefeatable at close range and does massive damage but comes with a very limited amount of ammo which makes it less favorable for a lot of people. Still, if you point it towards the enemy and shoot then they’ll be blown to bits.

Torque Bow

Fancy yourself a bow, eh? Then this weapon is for you. It has a charge-up time but if you got the aim and go for headshots, this bow can prove to be extremely deadly. Do note that the enemies will know you are aiming at them once you start charging up the bow.


A good pistol can save your life in different situations. These are some of the best pistols in Gears 5 you should consider equipping.

Boltok Pistol

This gun has a great clip size and is extremely accurate over moderate distances since you can zoom in. It does fairly good damage too. The Boltok Relic provides more accuracy to the players, allowing them to crush any kind of opposition in 2 to 3 shots.

Talon Pistol

This automatic machine Pistol does a lot of damage to smaller foes when fired in short bursts to keep. It’s an excellent choice for close-range combat. The Talon Relic fixes the low damage issue of the weapon by giving you a damage and accuracy boost on every active reload.

Heavy Weapons

Finally, coming to Heavy Weapons, there are not a whole lot to choose from but these should get the job done. Heavy Weapons have a limited amount of ammo and you can’t refill by picking up supplies so be careful. Use these weapons only when necessary.


This chaingun is great for doing explosive damage at a close range. Have it ready for use with its DR-1.

RL-4 Salvo

This missile launcher has a pretty good rate of fire for a launcher and is great for crowd control. Its large radius lets it kill multiple targets at once.


The Mulcher is a smaller chainsaw that can help you do tons of damage and provide excellent cover fire for your teammates. The only major downside to this bad boy is that you will have to be out of cover and expose yourself to use it.

Boomshot Grenade Launcher

This grenade launcher packs a punch and has a very deadly damage radius so if you are not careful with it and use it in close quarters, you can easily hurt yourself and your buddies. The Boomshot can 1-shot weaker enemy mobs and hurt the heavier enemy types.

The Relic version of the Boomshot provides you with 3 shots on every reload as compared to the 1 shot per reload of the standard version.

Best Weapons Tier List

We will now be arranging all of the guns of Gear 5 in Tier lists going from S Tier (Best) to D Tier (Worst) while explaining the strengths and shortcomings of the guns.

S Tier

Gnasher Shotgun
This is the go-to shotgun in Gears 5 as it allows you to pretty much One-Shot any enemy and has plenty of ammunition available as well.

Lancer Assault Rifle
The Lancer AR has the most ammo drop in the whole game and goes well with the Gnasher shotgun. It helps you take out enemies at both medium and close ranges when you are out of shotgun ammo.

Longshot Sniper Rifle
This is the best weapon for long-range encounters especially if you like to provide long-range cover for your squad while sitting behind cover. The Longshot has excellent damage.

Salvo Rocket Launcher
This beast of a weapon wrecks anyone and anything in its way and is one of the S Tier weapons at your disposal. It will almost always bag you more than 1 kill per shot provided you have a somewhat accurate aim.

A Tier

Boomshot Grenade Launcher
This grenade launcher has a very wide AoE so you have to be a bit careful while using it in close quarters. But it still guarantees to annihilate any enemies caught within the blast. A very solid choice for trash mob clearance.

The Mulcher is another great weapon for providing cover with only 1 major downside; the player has to go out of cover and be very exposed when using this weapon.

Another excellent shotgun in Gears 5 is the Overkill. It has insane damage and will one-shot any enemy at close range. The main drawback of this weapon is the extremely limited ammo you get with it. It will run out almost immediately but if you use those few shots wisely, you can turn the tide of the encounter.

Talon Auto pistol
A very useful automatic pistol at close range when your main weapon is out of ammo. You cannot be very accurate with the rapid-fire because of the increased recoil but it still gets the job done.

Torque Bow
This bow has a charge time before you can shoot it so you have to plan ahead. And whenever you start charging up the bow, enemies in the area will be alerted to your presence and your cover will be blown. So, it’s not like the bow helps you maintain any kind of stealth.

Frag Grenade
You can use frag grenades to flush out enemies from behind cover and then take em out. So, it is quite useful.

B Tier

Breaker Mace
This melee weapon lets you get up close and personal with the baddies. It is an excellent choice for engaging enemies in narrow hallways and small rooms.

Boltok Pistol
This pistol has very high damage but a slow rate of fire and dependency on the player’s accuracy make it a slightly tough choice for many.

This weapon lets you shoot enemies behind cover but takes a bit getting used to and that’s why it is lower in the tier list.

C Tier

This saw blade launcher launches massive blades across the map and sounds cool but is highly inaccurate which makes it a less than ideal choice for many. It is a one-hit kill weapon so if you manage to aim it at a foe, they are in for a lot of pain.

Standard flashbangs just like in any other game, used to blind enemies. But the blinding and flinching duration in Gears 5 is very short and that’s why it is down here in the C Tier.

D Tier

Incendiary Grenade
This grenade is used to delay the enemy’s advance and give you some time to breathe but requires extreme accuracy. If you are lucky enough, you can even land a one-hit kill with it.

Smoke Grenade
The smoke grenade is much worse than the flash grenades. The smokes in Gears 5 are extremely lacking and it’s not much use either so we are putting it in the D Tier.

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