5 Best Teams to Rebuild in Madden NFL 20

In this Madden NFL 20 Guide, we have talked our top 5 teams that you should consider to rebuild in Madden NFL 20 and why you should do that.

If you had fun with NFL 19, you will Love Madden NFL 20. And as the game is set to launch on 2nd of August, we thought to give you an idea of what would it take to rebuild some of your favorite teams. In franchise mode, you got to select a team and then work on it so that at the end of the season you can see your team lifting the Super Bowl.

These teams are not the champions and do not have the champion lineup either and you will face quite some difficulty at first but if you spend a couple of seasons dedicated to one of these teams, there will be no greater reward but to see your team beating all the champions and at the end lift the Super Bowl.

Teams to Rebuild in Madden NFL 20

As you are a fan of NFL most probably if you’re playing Madden NFL 20, so you will have an idea about what teams are going through in NFL and what teams are doing bad.

But some of these franchises who are not doing good might have a really good foundation on which you can work for a few seasons to make them a champion.

We will tell you about some of these teams and their strengths and weaknesses and how you can work on them and what teams have this potential to rise in NFL.

1. Cardinals

We can easily say that it is the worst team this year. Cardinals have a bad roaster and zero offensive lineup, you will have to really up your game to build up this franchise.

Christian Kirk, David Jones is your long-term offensive players along with a youngster Murray in Quarterback. The defense is even worse than the offense.

In offense, you can work it out with keeping some constant players and defense need a lot of work with the players like handler Jones and Pat Pete. Overall this team will need a lot of work and effort.

2. Giants

We think everyone will agree on one thing that they have a pretty messed up roaster and there are plenty of things to play with.

One good thing is that they have a young Secondary that’s gonna help them get a little bit of that development faster. Lorenzo Carter is quick and can be used good. Other than that you might want to boost up the development rate as well.

3. Patriots

They are not a bad roaster at all and you might be wondering why are they in this list. Well, they have one of the best players of NFL ‘Brady’. And that’s why they are often a well balanced and good team.

But we can see that Brady is going to retire in one or two years and after that Patriots are going to be a mess. You can rebuild a post-Brady team from scratch with everything you want.

You can make them an offensive team and make them prioritize Speed Rushing.

4. Broncos

Initially, if you see at the Broncos roaster, they have a pretty rough past few years and a very bad roaster overall. But if you take a closer look you can see a pretty fine TE, receivers and really good corners and pass rush as well.

They have a youngster in the form of a Running back that will be a good rebuild point if you think. You can get a few easy wins with Broncos as well.

5. Bengals

They have the youngest offense of the league ‘Zack Taylor’. You would want to play as GM and find them a great quarterback that they are missing.

The offense is led by A.J.Green and Jon Ross. So they have a decent kind of Offence and Defense and you can see that they will struggle with this roaster.

If you can find them a good quarterback then they might be able to help themselves out in the first league and they will get settled for the next season really good. They are going to be a challenging but fun team to play with.

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