Will 4K Blu Ray Drive on PS4 Pro Improve Your Video Game Experience? Evolution Studios Asks

4K Blu-Ray drive is missing from PS4 Pro; Sony has been criticized by a better part of the community and the company had to come out and explain its decision.

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PlayStation Europe’s Jim Ryan said:

It was one of a number of factors. As we’ve said ad nauseum, this is positioned primarily as a gaming device. Every design decision is taken with the gamer in mind in terms of specifications, functionality, price and various features. All of those things combine with our view that we want to future proof ourselves and increasingly the trend of consuming video content is from streaming services

Evolution Studios, the developer behind Driveclub VR, recently took to Twitter and that we underestimate the power of PS4 Pro. One of the fans replied and trolled PS4 Pro’s lack of a 4K Blu-Ray drive.

The studio head asked the person if that would improve his gaming experience?

It is a fact that adding a 4K Blu-Ray drive will not have any effect on your gaming experience but it is a plus to have. The world is rapidly moving to digital entertainment but disc based content is still very popular.

It would still take at least another decade for us to see a significant drop in the demand of disks. By then, PS4 Pro itself would be obsolete so there is no point in saying that it is future proof.

It is not even fully present proof when it comes to 4K entertainment content.

Do you think 4K Blu-Ray drive should have been adding to Pro? Does it affect your gaming experience in any way? Share what you think in the comments below.

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