4J Studios’ Dev Says Videogaming is Larger than Oil Market

4J Studios, the developer that ported Minecraft to consoles might be a small scottish game development studio, but their chairman Chris Van der Kuyl got an opportunity to show the Scotland parliament the potential of the videogaming industry.

He insisted that the government creates policies that would specially support the market because “we’re living in a time where the pace of change has never been faster, and nowhere more so than in our sector.”

However, the speed at which things are changing was not his biggest claim. Van der Kuyl suggested that the potential of the videogaming industry is so huge that it could make the oil industry look like a drop in the ocean!

The increased rate of change in things like virtual reality and augmented reality, which is just around the corner now, means the growth potential for this industry is not five or 10% a year, it’s hundreds of percent. It will make North Sea oil look like a drop in the ocean. We’re trying to hold a tiger by the tail.

He was insisting that the Scotland government should take up the opportunity because if they don’t another country will.

Just so you know, Rockstar Games is also a Scotland based development studio and everyone knows how big GTA 5 was. However, don’t you think that comparison between oil and videogaming was a bit too bold?

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