40 TFLOPS is What We Need for Photo Realism: Tim Sweeney

Over the past years we have pushed the boundaries of what’s graphically possible in video games. You see games like Uncharted 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider and they make your jaw drop.

To think only a decade ago graphics were so far behind.

Technology will keep growing and there will be a point where we’ll have complete photo-realism. But how far the technology has to go and what will it take to achieve this? According to Tim Sweeney, photo realistic graphics require at least 40 TFLOPS.

It is safe to say that PC will be the first to achieve this as console technology is still behind.

You know, we’re getting to the point now where we can render photo-realistic static scenes without humans with static lighting. Today’s hardware can do that, so part of that problem is solved. Getting to the point of photo-realistic dynamic environments, especially with very advanced shading models like wet scenes, or reflective scenes, or anisotropic paint, though…maybe forty Teraflops is the level where we can achieve all of that.

Tim Sweeney is the head of Epic Games and is currently working on Paragon for PlayStation 4 and PC. Paragon is a graphically strong game and it looks amazing. PlayStation 4 1.8 TFLOPS while the maximum you can get on PC in 9 FLOPS thanks to a GTX 1080.

One can only imagine what 40TFLOPS can do in terms of visual fidelity in video games.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio will push console technology to the next level. next decade is going to be huge for video game graphics.

Source: GameSpot

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