Darkfall Is Coming Back With Darkfall: New Dawn In January 2018

Darkfall, the infamous MMORPG that disappeared into thin air one night in 2012 is coming back with a sequel, this time under a new studio. Gladly Ub3rgames, created by two big fans of the original game decided that Darkfall shouldn’t end up like this and thus begun the quest of reviving a once loved RPG title that was soon to be forgotten. The result is Darkfall: New Dawn has now a first reveal trailer and a release date.

Darkfall: New Dawn is set for release on January 26, 2018, and the game server will be located in Europe when the game launches. Ub3rgames seems to be extremely devoted to the title, with its official page being full of information, dev blog posts and heartfelt messages from the creators. Specifically, they revealed that they wanted Darkfall to get back online and were continuously working on giving this loved MMORPG the place it deserved:

We all agreed Darkfall didn’t deserve to end up like that. It needed to come back to life: keep entertaining all its fans and achieve the perfection the original dev team was aiming for. So we gathered a new team of engineers and brought it back to life. Since 2016, we’ve been continuously working and improving the game so all of you can finally enjoy a complete and final version.

Through their Facebook page, Ub3rgames revealed some first information about Darkfall: New Dawn spirit and you can find out more on the game’s official website.

Today, we finally reveal the true Darkfall: New Dawn spirit:

  • “Create your own adventure”: sail a ship, ride a mount, and go everywhere you want in this huge sandbox world,
  • “Play as you wish” with our freeform character progression
  • “Make your own path”: do as you want but don’t forget actions always comes with consequences

and its unique characteristics:

  • Play with thousands on a non-instanced single server.
  • Real-time combat with projectile and collision physics in an MMORPG.
  • Classless skill based progression with perk based specialization.
  • Sandbox economy with localized resources.

Darkfall: New Dawn spirit will be on a monthly subscription model with a 9.99€/month fee. There are 4 pre-order packages right now offering plain game time and not any other cool additional loot for the game. If you decide to pre-order then you’ll be able to play Darkfall: New Dawn before it launches, probably during its beta phase.

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